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Asher’s first birthday ‘Boss Baby’ cake smash photo shoot

I’ve been this kid’s mom for a whole year and, golly gosh, has it been sweet! I mean, sure, my pregnancy was especially a bit challenging and I pretty much felt as if I swallowed, like, a whole building when I was pregnant with him (the kid weighed 4,3kg at birth)… but it was totes worth it!

For his birthday, this year, I knew I was going to do a cake smash photo shoot with Michelle of Cutepix, because as you may know, this is what I do for my children’s first birthday celebrations. (See Kari’s shoot here and Jonah’s shoot here)

I mean, I just can’t bring myself to spend lots of moola on a party that they probably won’t even remember. A cake smash shoot basically captures that first birthday fun, and it’s something that you can treasure for years to come.

ALSO, you guys, with lock down being what it is (you know, a much needed pain in the boody) we can’t really do a big birthday celebration anyways. In fact, Michelle told me that a lot more parents are opting to do a birthday shoot for their older kids too! She also mentioned that you can do a second and third birthday cake smash too!

Our theme for Asher’s cake smash was Boss Baby because, much like the baby in the movie, this little tike has pretty much taken over our home. He definitely is the boss! His nanny affectionately refers to him as “baasie” (which is “little boss” in Afrikaans) and the nickname has grown on us so much that we call him Baasie as if it’s his first name.

Can totes see him being an “Uncle Baasie” one day, in his old age hahaha.

Michelle does the whole set up (including cake) for her cake smash shoots AND it includes a family photo shoot and a bath session at the end of the shoot (which serves as a double win… clean baby, cute pics).

Anyways, enough with the chitchat, I know you came here to drool over some baby cheeks, so here:

Boss Baby Cake Smash

Boss Baby cake smash

Boss Baby Cake Smash

Boss Baby Cake Smash

All pics taken by Michelle of Cutepix


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