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Pregnancy update: when you’re not a spring chicken anymore

So I’m officially 30 weeks preggers today and even though this is baby number 4 for me (kid number 5 for us), I’m still so amazed every time the little pooper moves around in my womb. I mean, there is another life inside of me. It’s such a miracle! The back pain probably originated from the pit of hell, but other than that, the rest of it is definitely heaven-orchestrated. Like, I’m convinced.

How am I feeling right now? Well, I was telling a friend that it’s so weird how this pregnancy is vastly different to my previous pregnancies. There are a lot of aches and pains this time around, you guys.

I think that a lot of the pain has to do with the pressure of my umbilical hernia and the overbearing amount of weight I feel in my belly. I mean, the diastasis recti has ensured that my tummy muscles are now divorced and no longer in a loving relationship with each other. Which means my core is pretty much a non-event. My back is killing me – walking has become tedious. And you would think that laying down would be better, but I have to find just the right angle or else I’m riddled with pain again.

But I mean *insert chirper voice here* other than that everything is just like, SOOOOO awsome right now!

Pause for effect.

That pause (and the bathroom selfie) was actually just a distraction so that I can blow my nose without anyone looking at me. Apparently pregnancy rhinitis is a real thing… did you know that? Pregnancy rhinitis is basically nasal congestion and an increase in mucus production, due to an increased blood flow. In a nutshell, I am a walking ball of snot. It’s especially attractive at night when Hubstopher wants to cuddle.

But I mean, besides for that, the misconstrued emotional outbursts (hey Hubstopher), the extreme tiredness and the fact that I can’t breathe sometimes, everything is GREAT!

The crazy thing, my friends, is that I sometimes feel like I can’t say these things outloud because then it sounds as if I’m complaining and not fully appreciating the miracle baby in my belly. So many other women would give anything to be in my position. How DARE I complain?!

But the truth is that I’m not in my 20’s anymore, Deborah Patta. It’s not MY fault… it’s how life works. I mean, I’m not exactly a spring chicken anymore. The last time I was “in my 20s” was when Miley Cyrus was Hannah Montana. So obvz this pregnancy is going to feel a lot different on my body. And that’s okay.

But how does one enjoy a whole 2 more months of aches, pains, snotty noses and extreme fatigue without, you know, letting it become the backtrack of your life?

Well, I guess this is where perspective comes into play… recognizing the season for what it is and choosing to focus on the fact that my little pooper will make an appearance in a couple of weeks. And when that happens… when I get to look into my babys face for the first time … none of this will matter anymore.

Photo attributes: (Header) 2017 Love My Body photoshoot; (Body) Taken by Ella 


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