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When you’re not exactly the perfect parent

the perfect parentThis week I had to make peace with the fact that I’m not always a “perfect parent”. Let me explain: I know that children are a beautiful gift unto our wombs and all of that, but I’ve been feeling especially overwhelmed lately. The need to be the perfect parent seemed to be clashing with the fact that, oh look, I’m a human being too. Has this ever happened to you? (more…)

Alove Creations turned my kid into a superstar!

alove creationsI’m not saying I have a favorite child but baby Jo definitely has the best cheeks of the lot. So it just made sense when Alethea of Alove Creations picked him to be one of the clothing labels baby brand ambassadors! Those superstar cheeks won her over, I’m convinced. You might remember me raving about Alove Creations last year, when I gave away one of her fab summer kimonos. Ladies, guess what, she has recently extended her baby wear collection and it is stunning! Attending a baby shower soon? Well then, you must check out what she has to offer. (Plus there might be a giveaway at the end of this post… who’s to say..,)
The Blessed&Favored collection has a range of baby and kiddie accessories that are totally rad! My absolute fave are these snood and head band/beanie sets. Jonah and Ava did such a good job modelling these, don’t you think?

I loved the look so much that I had to get a matching set for Kari and I. All the Alove Creations snoods and head gear is made with a chunky knit fabric and I love that the snoods are extra length. Aint nobody got time for short snoods, yo!

I am also a big fan of these ultra trendy swaddle sets. The set consists of a swaddle blankey and matching head gear. I’ve actually been using the swaddle blankey as a breastfeed cover as well. It’s light weight and easy to wrap your baby in, plus it makes you feel like a fabulous Beverley Hills mom. I mean, winning already, right?

I’ve never really been a fan of the swaddling concept until I saw how soundly it made my baby sleep. Little ones feel safe and secure, when swaddled.

If you’re looking for a legit breastfeed cover though, the Alove Creations 4-in-1 breastfeeding infinity cover is the one that you want! (Ooh Ooh Ooh honey!)

So this breastfeed cover is a (yep, you guessed it) discreet nursing cover, trendy pram cover, clever car seat cover and you can wear it as a top! Actually, I don’t know if the last one is a thing but I’ve totally been wearing the black one as a top. Yes, I’m that person. But also, it’s that versatile! Check it out, This is the perfect baby shower gift!

There are a bunch of other cool baby accessories in her collection such as wooden teethers and trendy pacifier clips. These are hand made and come in a range of amazing colors. Very, very cool.

Bonus feature: Your tiny tots fingers will have a ball of time exploring the grooves of these wooden beads.

But hey, don’t take my word for it! I want to give a wooden beads teether/pacifier clip away to one of you amazing readers.

To enter, simply drop a comment below, letting me know who you’d gift it to. Make sure you’re subscribed to this blog, so that I am able to contact you if you’re a winner. (To subscribe, enter your email addy in the box on the top right corner… yep, the one right under my face…)

Update: Congratulations Laurissa Erasmus!

My maternity leave is over and I’m excited

maternity leave is overNo, the title of this post was not written by tiny alien invaders who have taken over my body in an attempt to gain a deeper understanding of how the average mom brain works. (Suspicious sounding much?) But yes, I am excited that my maternity leave is over. Does that make me a weirdo? (more…)

Help! My baby won’t take the bottle!

my baby won't take the bottleMy baby boy has decided that he only wants milk from his mama – literally straight from the cow’s udder, so to speak. (Me being the cow, in this instance)  He refuses the bottle, won’t take it, not interested in it and don’t you dare try to make him! It seems like a wonderful problem to have, but is it really? At first I felt oddly flattered like, yeah man, this kid knows who his mom is! But as time passed by and we drew closer and closer to the end of my maternity leave (today’s the last day by the way) I began to panic. My baby won’t take the bottle! Aack! What do I do?! (more…)

Breastfeeding is a pain in the boob

breastfeeding is a pain in the boobBreastfeeding is a pain in the, well, boob. Yes, as I said the other day, it IS glorious and magical and makes you feel as if you’re floating on a rainbow cloud surrounded by glitter unicorns and chocolate waterfalls. But also it’s a pain in the boob. In a literal way actually, since your breasts experience quite some a lot of pain at some point of your breastfeeding journey. And yet, we carry on, pushing through the pain and discomfort; ignoring silent side eyes given in shopping malls and the need to sleep as we power through 3am pumping sessions. We carry on because the pain in the boob act of breastfeeding is, quite honestly, one of the biggest miracles of being a mom! (more…)

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