How clean is your mouth

How clean is your mouth?

This may come across as a bit of a weird question but – how clean is your mouth? No really… how clean? I’m only asking because September is Oral Health Awareness month and I thought to spread the word about good oral health.

The thing is this, my dearest friends, so many people think that simply brushing alone is enough to ensure good oral health.  But cleaning between your teeth is super important too, because that is where majority of the cavities start!

The team over at Sunstar GUM are actual gum health experts, so I take their word for it when they say that teeth have five sides and that brushing only cleans three of those sides. So yes, daily interdental cleaning will ensure that you have a healthy mouth and fresh breath. (It’s actually recommended by dental professionals, yo!)

Sunstar GUM has an unrivalled range of professional interdental tools & floss – the biggest range in SA, actually. Their nifty nickname for the range is: #GUMEssentialWorkers and that’s because these interdental tools do important work! The ‘Gum essential workers’ help to clean where your brush can’t reach! (Sounds like an important job to me).

Some of my fave Sunstar GUM interdental tools are:How clean is your mouth

GUM Soft-Picks Advanced

These are my ultimate fave! This curved interdental pick has soft rubber bristles that gently remove plaque and debris between teeth. You can use them on your orthodontic braces or if you have sensitive gums. Oh and they are ideal for adults AND children – how rad? I also love that it comes with a convenient travel case. I always have these in my hand bag.

GUM Trav-Ler

These are reusable interdental brushes that are really nifty when it comes to keeping those tight spaces in-between your teeth clean. The bristles are anti-bacterial and is proven to remove up to 25% more plaque than standard bristles. The neck is quite bendy and flexible. These are perfect for kids and/or adults with wide gaps between the teeth, food traps, orthodontic braces; sensitive or bleeding gums; implants or bridges; Oh and it comes in 10 different sizes.

GUM Original White Floss

If you’re a flossy kinda gal, you definitely will appreciate this quality, waxed floss. It contains micronized silica which helps to remove surface stains between teeth, where your toothbrush cannot reach. The floss is shred-resistant and it also contains fluoride. This product is recommended by dental professionals.

All Sunstar GUM products are available from dentists, Clicks, Dis-Chem, leading supermarkets and pharmacies.

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Terms and conditions:

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Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Ivodent

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