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Finding hope in the poop

When I was 7 years old, I attempted to wow my 6 year old cousin with my magical powers, by making a 2 cent coin dissapear. One minute the coin was in my hand, the next it was gone! I was a legend.

What cousin didn’t know is that I had hidden the coin away in my mouth (yes, ew), under my tongue. But I mean, those are minor details, when you’re trying to establish yourself as the coolest cousin in the family.

The real magic happened a few seconds later though, when I realized that the coin was no longer in my mouth, under my tongue. I had accidentally swallowed it.

Now, given the fact that it was one of those large 2 cent coins (readers born before the 90’s – hollar!), my parents had a complete freak-out session and immediately rushed me to hospital. Suddenly my magic act was more death-defying than legendary and I could see the fear in their eyes, as the doctor investigated the full body x-ray to determine where the coin was.

For days thereafter, I was forced made to poop into a baby potty and then forced made to watch as my mom sifted through the poop, with a stick, to see if the elusive 2 cent coin had found an exit from my body. Suddenly my poop was the most interesting thing in our home – the 2 cent coin a hidden treasure – and if it did not make an appearance, I would need to go for a serious operation.

Needless to say, the coin found it’s way out of my body and my parents were so relieved, I don’t think they even minded sifting through my poop to find it.

There was hope in my poop, that day. (Never thought I’d ever use that sentence on my blog).

Anyways, while reminiscing on this story, I was struck with a sudden revelation. Now, mind you, I am very pregnant and my thought pattern is a bit bonkers right now. But bare with me.

Life can offer you bundle of poop sometimes. You know, the type your puppy leaves in the middle of the dining room, only to be discovered by your bare foot accidentally, at 7am, when you realize that you’re late for work. I mean, we’ve all been dealt with bundles of poop, on occasion.

My family and I have been dealt with large-ish bundles of poop over a span of a couple of years, you guys. I mean, from freak accidents to large financial losses, trips to the hospital to being “put out” of our home because the owner decided to sell and gave us a one month notice period.

It’s just been a lot to manage… a lot of bundles of poop to avoid stepping into and even more bundles of poop that we completely and totally stepped into, toes and all.

But in the midst of it all, my friends, the one thing that carried us through (and continues to carry us) is the fact that we know that there is a BIGGER plan.

Maybe the poop is helping us to be more mindful… more wary about where we are stepping… more intentional about wearing shoes, before going into the dining room at 7am. The challenging situations make us stronger, more unified as a family and definitely wiser, when making those (sometimes rash) decisions.

And wives, a complete and utter kaka situation can help to GROW your marriage, if you let it! Suddenly you guys are a two-man army, impenetrable and unstoppable, because you have each other’s backs and you are on the same mission. Once the war is over, and the battle is won, it kinda feels good to look at your battle scars and know that you made it out alive and TOGETHER. The battle did more good, than damage.

So just like how my parents had to sift through poop, to find the hope that their little girl is going to be okay, I want to encourage you guys to find hope in your seemingly hopeless situation.

A crappy situation doesn’t make sense right now… it’s annoying, it itches, and it’s preventing you from living your best life. Or so it seems.  But God can use even the most devastating of situations, for your good, if you ask Him to. He can use the ugly and stinky to create a masterpiece.

The great thing is that there is always hope in the poop and sometimes we just have to wait it out a little bit longer, in order to see it.

Disclaimer: I said the word “poop” a lot in this post, and you know what, I don’t even mind. Poop. There I said it again. Surprise! 

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