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For those days when you don’t want to be married anymore

dont want to be married anymoreSometimes I get why they call marriage an “institution”… because my Hubstopher literally makes me go mental. And the funny thing is, a couple of hours prior to that, I thought that unicorns and rainbows appeared when he pooped. How is it possible that someone, who is able to make your heart feel as if it’s beatboxing to a Justin Bieber song, can also, simultaneously, bring out the absolute worst in you? Look, ladies, let’s be honest, sometimes you just don’t want to be married anymore. Oh wait, is it just me then? (more…)

Do you hold regular family meetings?

hold regular family meetingsDoes your family hold regular family meetings? You know, a gathering of sorts, where you are able to share your thoughts and feelings with each other? Yep, I get it, if you grew up in the *cough* 90’s like I did, a family meeting would be a foreign concept. In fact, it would be laughable! I mean, if we had family meetings back when I was a kid, my mum would respond to my chores is child labor” claims with a shoe against my face. Well, that is a mild exaggeration, but you get the gist. Parents of the 90’s (and earlier) were not prone to needing the advice or opinion of their children. But things have changed, it seems. (more…)

Letting him be the man on Women’s Day

letting him be the man on womens daySo it’s Women’s Day today and I guess I’m meant to feel super duper woman-like and rah rah girl power and all that jazz. But instead, I woke up thinking how much I love that I get to depend on a man, my man, for some things. I mean, I know that I can probably change my own tyre, but I like that I don’t have to. I’m sure I could figure out how to work the PVR or muster up the energy to have conversations about weeds with the gent who cleans our garden… but hey, why should I? I don’t even drive myself places, if I don’t have to. And I sometimes even ask my man if he thinks my dress is too short or what his thoughts are on my career moves or whether he likes my cooking. (more…)

When and how to praise your child

 how to praise your childBeing a parent means putting yourself out there for every conceivable bit of advice, input and, sometimes, criticism from others. It’s so hard to know what the ‘right’ thing to do is. So, often, we choose the right thing for us. And that’s not a bad thing. But, a little advice can go a long way, especially when we haven’t felt our ‘right’ yet. (more…)

Breastfeeding is a pain in the boob

breastfeeding is a pain in the boobBreastfeeding is a pain in the, well, boob. Yes, as I said the other day, it IS glorious and magical and makes you feel as if you’re floating on a rainbow cloud surrounded by glitter unicorns and chocolate waterfalls. But also it’s a pain in the boob. In a literal way actually, since your breasts experience quite some a lot of pain at some point of your breastfeeding journey. And yet, we carry on, pushing through the pain and discomfort; ignoring silent side eyes given in shopping malls and the need to sleep as we power through 3am pumping sessions. We carry on because the pain in the boob act of breastfeeding is, quite honestly, one of the biggest miracles of being a mom! (more…)

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