My spreadsheet brain

“Do it for the 20…”


So I wasn’t planning to post anything today because I have a lot going on and between EC Meet Up, Gateway News, my commitment to my church’s Music&Creative Arts department, my actual 9 to 5 and oh ya, I have a family; things are a bit cray cray on this side.

I explained all of this to Hubstopher, telling him that I’ve only been able to blog once or twice per week, lately. I was like: “and anyways, it’s not as if the masses are sitting with baited breathe waiting to hear from my spreadsheet brain”. To which I was promptly and politely put on my place. My darling Hubstopher reckons that it doesn’t matter if your post reaches 1 person or 1000 people… “if only 20 people are reading your posts, then that’s fine… do it for the 20!” he said. He was so passionate about it, I almost thought he was going to go all church preacher on me. It didn’t end there. An hour into being at work, I got a message saying “do it for the 20”. This guy is as persistent as Madonna’s music career. But I think that he has a point.


Have you ever considered what YOUR reach is? When we think about people who have influence, Mother Theresia or Beyonce comes to mind. But you don’t have to be a blogger, or a politician, or a celeb (with really good hair) to be affluent. You are probably impacting individuals on a daily basis (and you don’t even know it!) with the things you say and do. We are all walking billboards and sometimes we kinda forget to be mindful of what we are advertising – you have the ability to affect those around you! Your influence is important, whether it touches 1 life or 10000 lives.

Anyways, so here I am, posting something “for the 20”.
Oh and Hubstopher said I must say “Hubstopher said so.” So theres’it.


  • Nadine Larter

    That’s definitely a good attitude I reckon. I’m pretty sure that usually I don’t have that many readers (today is being weird – I have 973 hits today – wtf?) but I pretty much usually do it for the 1: me. Blogging honestly helps me stop obsessing about whatever I’m obsessing about. I get it on the page. Put it out there. Then I can chill. Is that weird? Maybe I should write a blog about it…

    • Luchae

      BWahahahaha! Nadine, you are truely a legend! I agree with you totally. And yes, please write a blog about it.

  • Miriam

    Wasn’t planning to post today because I’m not feeling all that motivated but after reading this. I am going to do it for the 20. Thanks for this

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