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Meet the Mommy Blogger: Kim Muller of Muller Kids

I was introduced to the sweetheart that is Kim Muller a few years ago (okay it literally feels like 10 years, but I think it’s only been 3) when I started ogling at her gorgeous kids on her Instagram feed. I’m not sure why it took me a while to finally get to reading her blog over at Muller Kids, but boy am I not sorry that I did! Muller Kids is a parenting and lifestyle blog that oozes authenticity and realness and you can’t help but feel like you’re a part of the Muller family once you’ve read all of her posts!

Kim says that she started blogging in 2010, when she was preggers with her first son. Guys, I swear, most of us mommy bloggers started blogging when we were preparing for some or other baby. (By “some or other” I mean our own actual children). Anyways, like the rest of us, she also wanted a space to document the pregnancy and raising of her kid. In fact, when you first start blogging, your blog becomes like another baby to you, and you literally don’t care that no one besides your mom and cat reads it.

“My blog has since evolved to not only document all 3 pregnancies but I also chat about marriage, life’s ups and downs, and what life is like with my kids.”

Kim shares that the most rewarding thing about blogging is the reader comments. She loves being able to see when a piece resonates with a reader. I mean, that’s what it’s all about, yo! It is so rewarding to know that by sharing a little bit of your own loony toons, you are able to help another mama feel a little bit less loony toons herself. She says: “If I can help just one person know that what they’re going through is normal, that they’re not going mad and that everything will be okay, then the hours of work that go into my blog would be worth it.  (Well, that and when I get any comments at all lol)”

I love how real this lady is! She says that the most challenging thing about blogging is finding content that is enjoyable to her readers. Sister girl, preach! I mean, do you guys know how much pressure you feel when you’re about to share a piece of your heart in a blog post, knowing that people might think it sucks?! It’s daunting as heck! You kinda need to put your pride in your pocket when you give away that little bit of creativity, and be content with knowing that hey some might not like it. Daunting. As. Heck!

“Not everyone wants to read about every tantrum that Ethan has or every new milestone that Harper has reached. Finding something interesting to write about (and remembering the idea later on) is probably the hardest for me.”

Muller KidsYou seriously need to be following the lovely Kim over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, yo! And while you’re at it, check out some of my favorite Muller Kids posts over here:

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