Oh hi there, ridiculously overpriced festive season…

ridiculously overpriced festive seasonLook, whether you’re all “tis the season to be jolly” or not, December is only two sleeps away. And with it comes the ridiculously overpriced festive season that probably has a few of us tossing and turning at night. I mean, the kids need new clothes and fancy gifts. My home needs to be refurnished and repainted to domestic perfection and my hair needs to resemble something out of a Tresemme advert, or else does it even count as hair? Then there are all the staff and ‘end of year’ parties that require you to pay per head. Secret santa gifts needs to be bought and uhm, you didn’t think that I was going to that, wearing this, did you? How does one even keep up?!

Well, I’ve decided that this year, I’m simply just NOT. That’s right. I’m NOT going to keep up. Why? Well, because you’re not a Kardashian… and girlfriend, neither am I. And hey, don’t get me wrong, I am all for big Christmases, but not this year, Patricia. It could be the newly added fourth child that suddenly has me more cash conscious than Scrooge McDuck on a budget saver, but suddenly all the unnecessary things just seem so… I don’t know… well, unnecessary.

For starters, do I REALLY need to buy new curtains for every single window in my house? And if I do, why get them all over the December period? I’m sure my guests aren’t visiting me, during summer, to check out my window fixtures.

And seriously, how many new summer “outfits” does one kid even need? And if I must buy them something new (which I must, at least, shame guys) there are many stores that make shopping for those summer essentials a lot more affordable. Clue: avoid “name brands”… they will steal your soul and suck the life out of your wallet. *cough* I’ve been told. And as for summer entertaining… we’re going retro up in here, kids! I’m talking picnics, walks on the beach and playing Monopoly and Scrabble at the dining room table! (All of which costs a small fee of nothing! And I thank you for that.) Fortunately, I live in the most beautiful city on earth! #sharethebay

Then there’s the issue of food. I mean, guys, I get it, holidays means eating. But why. Why guys. Why why why why?! (that’s me breaking out my inner, mis-phrased Rihanna song). Why do we spend so much money on food, in December?! I’ve decided that we’re not doing takeaways every single night of the week (and the crowd goes mehhh) (and by “crowd”, I mean my children). Also, I finally understand why my mom buys in bulk for the festive season! It’s friggen genius, really! I mean, shopping for that bring and braai can be done in your very own refrigerator.

Then comes the issue of gifts. Look, I am a self-professed “Christmas Girl” and gifts kinda are my love language. I get it. Which is why I’ve made sure to make provision for my very long Christmas gifts list a long time ago. Call it clever shopping (every other month of the year that is not December)… call it budgeting… call it re-gifting… as you wish. We don’t get emotional up in this piece. We think ahead. We strategise.

And talking about strategy… how often do you even wear the stunning heels you bought last Christmas? Or the “wedding outfit” you forked out a wad of cash on, two years ago? Recycle, girl! No one remembers, I promise you. You don’t have to wear something new to look good.

Okay, dramatics aside, how many of you can relate? It’s okay to admit that you’re not rolling in the dough this December. (Because, seriously, who wants to roll in dough? That stuff’s a disaster to get out of your hair). Anyways, I thought that this would be a great space to get some cool money saving tips going!  Please share your tips in the comments section below because sharing is caring… and atleast we’re not asking you for money.

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  1. Love this. I said the same thing about not keeping up this year. Need all the help I can get with money saving. Also any tips for DIY gifts and decor will be appreciated

  2. I loooove this!!! You had me giggling throughout this post. …but Luchae, I want to be a Kardashian *insert crying face here*. Like you, I am also trying (read forced) to cut back this December. We’ve just redone a few things on the house that we’re moving back into so December is going to be a tight month. I would love a post on some free/cheap things to do with kids during the 3 week holiday.

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