Overwhelmed by motherhood

overwhelmed by motherhood

You’ve been there, I know. You’ve been overwhelmed by motherhood, wondering why on earth you ever signed up for this job. The perks are suppose to outweigh the cons, right? I mean, that’s what those soppy feel-good movies imply. And… Continue Reading

10 friendship lessons for my daughter

So last night, during bed time, my three year old proudly announced: “Peyton is my BEST fwend! I love Peyton so vewy much!” I obviously melted into a puddle of mom-feelings. I mean, she has a best friend! In true spreadsheet brain… Continue Reading

How much do you spend on your childs birthday party?

How much do you spend on your child's birthday party?

I think it’s ridiculous to spend thousands of rands on a kids birthday party. There I said it. *hides away* Hello? Is it safe to come out now, after dropping that bomb? I know, it’s not a popular thought but… Continue Reading

I was never ready to be a grandmother

Guys, I’m on the lighter side of 30 and so not ready to be anyone’s grandmother. Well, that’s what I discovered last week when my 16 year old came home, plopped a 2,5kg bundle of joy in my arms and… Continue Reading

Are you a married single mom?

I became a mom at a very young age. My baby daddy and I were not married. When our relationship ended, and he moved to another city, I suddenly found myself navigating the choppy waters of parenthood alone, as a… Continue Reading

Stuttering in toddlers: should I be concerned?

A couple of weeks ago Kari started stuttering. It came out of the blue, no warnings, and over a day or two the stutter was so severe that she gave up completing her sentences. “I can’t say it!” she would… Continue Reading

Food for Thought: Educating Your Kids About What They Eat

When it comes to teaching our children, it is not all just down to what they learn in school. Some of the most important lessons are the ones that we teach them at home, key life skills such as how… Continue Reading

Want to meet some of my fave South African mommy bloggers?

mommy blogger

In case you’ve missed the news, I am in fact a mommy blogger. “Argh, what does this even mean for your social life?!” I hear the masses cry in shock and horror. Calm down people, it’s not as bad as… Continue Reading

HICH South Africa – a fashionable way to teach your kids about animal cruelty


When it comes to kids fashion, I’m pretty sure my children dress better than I do. Can you feel me, moms? We sure do love dressing our kids up! And with the large selection of boutiques and kiddies brands popping… Continue Reading

Day Zero: The day the taps will run dry {And 10 ways you can save water}

day zero

It sounds very “end of the world movie starring Will Smith” but authorities have recently reported that Cape Town is on the brink of facing Day Zero. And by on the brink I mean, they say it’s going to happen… Continue Reading