Easter Egg Hunt ideas
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5 unique Easter Egg Hunt ideas for the whole family!

With Easter around the corner, I’ve decided to put together our family Easter Egg Hunt a bit earlier this year, especially with my hyper kids needing to be kept entertained almost all day. We love celebrating Easter as a family as it’s one of our favorite holidays and a fun Easter Egg Hunt will definitely help to keep the kids busy and happy.

If you’re keen to put together a cool Easter Egg Hunt for your kids, but you have one in each size like I do (kids, not Easter eggs), then you need to check out these 5 unique Easter Egg Hunt ideas that are bound to keep every member of the family entertained.

5 unique Easter Egg Hunt ideas for the whole family

1. Scavenger Hunt
While hunting for Easter eggs is what an Easter egg hunt should be about, you could totes up the entertainment factor a notch by turning the Easter hunt into a scavenger hunt. On a map, list a bunch of items (in your garden, or home) for your kids to find. Of course, we give prizes for each item retrieved. (Clue: the prize is always a delicious Fluffies mallow egg. Always.)

Easter Egg Hunt ideas2. Sho’t Left
Include some fun little side activities that include things like ‘egg and spoon’ races and ‘complete the puzzle’ challenges. These stations can be set up in your yard within the vicinity of the Easter egg hunt and you can offer the kids a prize once they’ve completed the game. (Fun fact: Cadbury Fluffies come in a 30-unit box, so there is enough deliciousness to pull this off!)

3. Plant the clues
Planting little clues that will lead the curious explorers from one nook to another is also a great way to keep the kids entertained for longer! You might want to leave a reward at each clue point to make exploring that much sweeter.

4. Artsy fartsy

Set up art stations around the hunt site and instruct them to design their own bunny face mask, or a special Easter Egg card to send to Granny! You could even include colouring in activity pages to keep them busy for as long as possible!

5. Get to diggin’

If you don’t mind a messy kid (I mean, who does), why not bury a few treasures in a sand patch and have them excavate the Easter prize using digging tools and brushes. Give them a reward for each treasure they find.

Why not include all of the above into your Grand Easter Egg Hunt Event and offer a Cadbury Hollow Egg at the end? Did you know that Cadbury South Africa’s Easter range includes two yummy Cadbury Milk Chocolate Hollow Eggs (one including Whispers and the other with Astros) that would be perfect grand egg prize!

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