Easy peasy mommy makeup with Essence {Giveaway!}

Moms, I get it. Putting on a full face of makeup is probably on your list of things to do one day when you’re kids are old enough to move out of the house. Until then, lip gloss and eye… Continue Reading

Bring your little superhero to the Superhero Fun Run {Giveaway}

Look, I don’t know how to tell you this, but your kid probably is a superhero. Don’t believe me? Just ask them. I know, this is big news. Well mainly because being the parent of a superhero is a big… Continue Reading

Getting that fresh breath fix with Sunstar GUM {Win a hamper!}

February has been dubbed “relationship month” and I’m a fan of the festivities that go with it. I love that we get to celebrate relationships and love and intimacy. But, to be honest, Valentine’s Day in our home, at the… Continue Reading

First day back at school had me going Crazi Erazi {Win a set!}


You guys, I sometimes wonder if my children do things just to taunt me. Like, for instance, when it’s the end of their first day back at school and I ask how it went. Their answer to everything is: “Okay”.… Continue Reading

Spurt, helping us bust the toddler boredom this summer


I love summer, you guys! And I love that I can get my littlest ones involved in the summer fun too! Kari, in particular, is only now understanding the full glory of the summer sun, summer foods and activities and… Continue Reading

Gifting with intention: Why DVD’s are great Christmas gifts!

DVD's are great Christmas gifts

I love giving gifts that have meaning. Intentional gift giving (and receiving) is my thing. I get it though. Sometimes a “grab and go” gift makes more sense than a “this made me think of you gift” because: LIFE. But… Continue Reading

Music Monday: Casting Crowns – It’s Finally Christmas

Casting Crowns

I love Christmas music, you guys. It gives me all the feels. Like, literally, ALL of them! I love hearing and singing about the birth of Jesus Christ. I think this is why I’m such a fan of Christmas music.… Continue Reading

Music Monday: Jeremy Camp – Christmas:God With Us

Jeremy Camp

For those who prefer your more tradish Christmas sing along songs, you need to check out Jeremy Camp’s totally rad Christmas offering called Christmas: God With Us. Jeremy is a really cool contemporary Christian artist and his festive album is… Continue Reading

Gary Chapman’s Conversation Starters made my family talk {Giveaway!}

Ever sat around a supper table and literally heard crickets, because the conversation was just that non-existent? Or do you find that one child is a chatterbox, leaving no room for any of the others to share? Or do you… Continue Reading

Music Monday: Matt Redman – These Christmas Lights

Matt Redman

For those looking for a more contemporary listen this Christmas allow me to introduce your ears to all that is Matt Redman. Matt is a 2 time Grammy award winner, worship leader and renowned singer and songwriter in the christian… Continue Reading