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Music Monday: Crowder – Oh For Joy

CrowderChristmas is officially six weeks away and I’m over here, getting my Christmas music on. Legally, I mean. Mid November is a good time to start a-caroling, right? Well, whether you carry the same sentiment or not, Crowder’s All For Joy is the type of Christmas album that would get even the scroogiest cynic tra-la-la-ing.

Look, I’m not exactly the worlds biggest rock music fan. (Mariah Carey, anyone?) but there’s something about the retro Crowder that makes “edgey” seem totally and utterly suave. I love his rock meets folk vibe and that he doesn’t get too serious on this album, creating Christmas music that is totally chilled and funky.

Let’s be honest, friends, come Christmas time, one expects to hear your typical Michael Buble smooth or Whitney Houston soul filled Christmas anthems. And those are amazing, I agree. But there’s something about hearing carols produced and sung in a totally unique way, that makes me sit up and listen. Sometimes we just want to rock out. And that’s okay too.

So if you’re looking for a funky Christmas album, that tells the tale of Jesus, without making you feel as if you’re at an RnB concert, then this one is for you. For the full review, check out my detailed article over at Gateway News.

But guys, guess what, remember I said that it’s Christmas and I want to give you stuff because I’m cool like that? Well, this Crowder album will go into my super special Christmas music hamper! I’ll be adding to the hamper over the next few weeks, which gives you a ton of opportunity to enter the giveaway. I know, genius papa.

I’ve changed the entry mechanism, to give everyone more of a chance. Simply complete the rafflecopter below! Giveaway closes on Tuesday, December 19th!

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