My Cadbury factory experience made my heart pump chocolates!

When the best snacking company in the world invites you to make your own chocolate, you reply with a very firm “heck yes!” I mean, making your own chocolate is probably second only to eating that same chocolate. Needless to say, visiting the Cadbury factory was on my bucket list, you guys (a woman has to have goals, yo). And when I learnt that they also wanted to introduce us to their four NEW limited edition chocolate slabs, I was literally giddy with excitement! I mean, seriously, how cool?!

cadbury factory experienceOur trip to the Cadbury chocolate factory was an eventful one! For starters, my blogger friends (see them below… so pretty) and I got to see exactly how they make our fave Cadbury dairy milk chocolates. Did you guys know that the Cadbury factory in Nelson Mandela Bay is the third Mondelez factory ever built and is 80 years old! The factory produces 950 000 slabs of chocolate per day. It was pretty cool to see how strict they are with regards to hygiene and safety. The machines were also very impressive… some producing thousands of chocolate bars in an hour.

My favorite thing though, out of all, was obviously the chocolate making AND the chocolate tasting. We got to visit one of the chocolate labs (seriously… a lab… where they experiment on chocolate) and each got to experiment and design their own chocolate slab. Mine had a dash of coconut, some popping candy and a bunch of other good stuff in it.

We were also so excited to learn that the Cadbury Martians are back, complete with four NEW limited edition Cadbury slabs AND an exciting augmented reality experience. The new Martians – Cosmo, Cupido, Buzz and Luna – each come with their own special slabs inspired by four of South Africa’s favorite chocolate bars namely, Cadbury Dairy Milk 5Star, Cadbury Dairy Milk Astros, Cadbury Dairy Milk Crunchie and Cadbury Caramilk P.S.

But wait, there’s more! From 15 June each new Martian will come to life on mobile phones through a super cool augmented reality (AR) experience, via a free app and your limited edition Cadbury slab wrapper. The Martians – each with their own lively personality and special dance moves – show off their moves and even interact with each other, when two or more wrappers are scanned together.

To get your hands on these Martians, simply purchase one of the Cadbury Dairy Milk slabs (with on-pack promotional visuals), between 1 June to 31 August 2018 and find the promotional sticker inside each pack. Four stickers gets you a Martian figurine at any participating petrol station store, using your completed pamphlet.

Which of these limited edition slabs are your fave?

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