• Heart matters

    Matric Dance celebrations: how big is too big?

    Depending on where you grow up, your Matric Dance (aka “prom”) evening can be as simple as “just another night on the town” or as extravagant as a wedding. My brown people usually opt for the latter, going the extra mile with the send off, sparing no expense on draping the dining room (for the photos mos), expensive catering and the hiring of high end luxury vehicles to make that special night that much more special. It’s a big night – big celebrations must be had! I totally get and support that. But I guess it’s not for everyone. I’ve had chats with people who were like, uhmmm no I’m…

  • Heart matters

    Finding hope in the poop

    When I was 7 years old I attempted to wow my 6 year old cousin with my magical powers by making a 2 cent coin disappear. One minute the coin was in my hand, the next it was gone! I was a legend. What my cousin didn’t know was that I had hidden the coin away in my mouth (yes, ew), under my tongue. I mean, those are minor details when you’re trying to establish yourself as the coolest cousin in the family. The real magic happened a few seconds later though when I realized that the coin actually DID disappear. I had accidentally swallowed it. Now, given the fact…

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    I’m not that cute anymore

    I can’t remember the last time I felt attractive. I blame this on the state of my hair, the aging of my skin, the flabbiness of my body and the fact that I’ve been pregnant three times in four years. I blame it on the umbilical hernia that makes me look as if an alien is trying to escape my body through my belly button. I blame it on hormones, on the stress of life, on the fact that I’m always busy but I don’t always want to be busy so then I stop doing things and then I hate myself for not doing things. I blame it on the…

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    How to keep it classy on social media

    If you’re a social media maven, like I am (haha look at me making myself sound cool and important), you would know that there are do’s and don’ts when it comes to posting to The Gram or Facebook. I mean, if you want to stay in the safe zone. With that said, you could totally post a whole bunch of opinionated, subliminal updates, with the sole intention of ruffling feathers, and, you know, trying to rub your ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend the wrong way. If that’s your jam, I totally get it. Me, I am not that person, yo. I keep it safe and I try not to start a…

  • Parenting

    All stepparents are monsters, right?

    Stepparenting is not for sissies. Yes, that’s my opening line. Whaaat? It’s the truth you guys. A recent conversation with a very emotional friend made me realize that the average stepparent has to deal with a lot more junk than they actually deserve. Now, allow me to add a little disclaimer: it is possible to have a healthy blended family dynamic. So the thoughts in this post may not be for you (you go girl, keep up the great work!) but I’m sure it will speak to the hearts of those who are experiencing challenges on the stepparenting front. We all know that parenting is super hard at times. And stepparenting…

  • Marriage

    Can husbands and wives owe each other money?

    It happened again. I sent my Hubstopher to the shops to buy something girly for me and, upon return, he handed me the cashier’s receipt expecting a reimbursement. I looked at him, slip in hand, with shock and betrayal written all over my face, like, hello, we are husband and wife! I can’t owe you money! What utter nonsense is this?! But nope, homeboy was having none of it. He had spent his hard earned dollar bill on my girly things and he wanted his cash back (to spend on his manly things, I’m assuming). I straight out refused to reimburse him, you guys. Because, you know, husbands and wives…

  • YouTube for kids is freaking me out

    ‘YouTube for kids’ is freaking me out!

    So I’m sure you guys have learnt about the freaky YouTube hacks that have been found peppered throughout some of our kid’s favorite YouTube and YouTube Kids videos. Yep, I’m talking KIDS videos… you know, the ones that are seemingly safe and harmless. The ones our children are glued to, when they are enjoying their screen time, each day. Malicious people are hacking dem videos, you guys, and adding content that basically encourages your little one to self harm, or even worse, end their lives or that of their families. Shocked yet? I know, right. Pediatrician, Free Hess, found a bunch of YouTube and YouTube Kids videos that included tips…

  • things we learnt by accident
    Heart matters

    Things we learnt by accident

    Three months ago we were rear ended by a Ford Ranger while standing stationary at a red traffic light. The accident happened at about midnight, on a Saturday night, while we were on our way home to our babies after attending a celebratory supper. The last thing I remembered, before feeling the impact of the double cab, was Chris looking into the rear view mirror and shouting “he’s going to hit us!” The impact of the collision (is it a collision if we’re standing dead still and you’re speeding through the main road – probably drunk – and you end up hitting us?) was so huge that our boot was…

  • Confessions of a super woman
    Heart matters

    Confessions of a super woman

    I sometimes cringe when people ask me how many children we have. I mean, you never know what their response will be once they find out that we parent and co-parent a collective of four kids. I mean, when it comes to responses, we’ve heard it all. From the “don’t you guys own a TV” (do you know that co-parent means we didn’t physically birth four kids together?) to “yoh, you guys are crazy!” (Thanks) Most of them shake their heads in disbelief (because it’s like, sooo shocking, and stuff) and say “wow, that’s a lot!” I guess they’re referring to the fact that they don’t know where we get…

  • Don't let bad breathe ruin Valentine's Day
    Marriage,  Win!

    Don’t let bad breath ruin Valentine’s Day {Giveaway!}

    Did you know that February is Relationship Month AND National Fresh Breath Month all at the same time? Coincidence, I don’t think so! I mean, oral healthcare goes hand in hand with, you know, intimacy. Experts actually recommend that you have an effective daily oral care routine… its the best way to keep your mouth healthy, breath fresh and your pearly whites in tip top condition for Valentine’s month. Sunstar GUM has developed the best tools to help you do just that! They recently sent me a #FreshBreathPower kit to try out. It’s filled with a bunch of seriously cool (I mean, like, James Bond cool) gadgets and product that helps you to ensure that your…