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#Covid19 – Why I haven’t been posting about it

So our darling Presi’s official announcement (about a nationwide shutdown) was absolutely well-received last night, right? I mean, for the most part.

Some peeps are still outchere, trying to cheat the system by breaking government rules. Lest your social life be affected by a virus that kills people. I mean, the audacity.

But, for the most part, we’re all very relieved that very stringent measures have been put in place to help #flattenthecurve.

Social media has been quite an interesting place to visit the past few days. I mean, I go there for the Social Justice Unicorns who single-handedly save the world one post at a time, while reprimanding everyone like a headmistress would a naughty child. And I also go there for the “101 things you can do with your kids during a lock down” and the “here’s how you should actually be washing your hands” posts.

But I mainly go there for the posts that are unrelated to Covid-19. I mean, amidst all the doom and gloom, I’m constantly looking for stories of hope and inspiration (and hey, entertainment) so as to keep my stress levels at a minimum.

Consuming one piece of Covid-19 content after another has made me feel, well, a little depressed, you guys. It’s depressing. It’s freaking scary. It’s enough to make you not want to get out of bed in the morning. The weight of the reality of the pandemic is that heavy. And while I want to stay abreast with what’s happening, I’m trying to be responsible, with regards to the type of content I am allowing my brain to consume.

It got me to thinking about your brains. (Unnecessarily gross, I know). I mean, I am responsible for the type of content that I produce. Am I churning out content that is fear-mongering or depression-triggering? Am I aware of the source of information – is it fake news? Am I 100% sure that it’s not?

Anyways, needless to say, I’ve had a lot to obsess think about while I figure out my new normal, with regards to this blog and my social media presence.

Switching off to switch onAfter much mulling around, I finally reached a conclusion: I don’t want share a lot of random content with regards to Covid-19.

I want to post content that uplifts and entertains, rather than content that makes you feel as if you need to plan how you’re going to consume your husband’s remains when the food runs out. (Unnecessarily gross again, I can’t help myself…)

Is coronavirus a real threat? Well, yes. The pandemic should (obvz) be taken seriously. But, besides for resharing actual news stories (you know, from reputable media sources), I probably won’t be basing all of my content around Covid-19.

I admit: it’s going to be pretty inauthentic to fill my pages with the usual content, when the world is facing something so terrible. I’ll also admit, I do have a few brand campaigns running, that I had committed to prior to Presi’s announcement. And then another admit: I know that it’s going to feel lank weird to talk about arb ish, while I’m sitting at home, praying for our country.

But I will try to keep my posts upbeat and interesting, to the best of my ability, curbing the sponsored stuff (besides for a few more that I really want to share) and sticking to stories that distract you from our current pains, atleast for a little bit.

And my solemn promise to you is that if I share anything Covid-19 related it will be factual and helpful. I promise to help you to fix your mind on whatever is good and helpful and hopeful and truthful. And even if I don’t have a recipe for making your own hand sanitizer at home, I hope to better your day (atleast for a few seconds while you skim through these posts) with articles that make this shutdown a little more brighter.

For the most part, I plan to write stories from the heart (call it entertainment, inspiration, madness, whatevs) with the intention of making the next 21 days a little less gloomier. And hopefully, once all of this is over, we’ll both come out on the other side, changed but not scarred.

Image by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pixabay


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