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Fat Attack Beach tours make summer a little bit more exciting

If you want to be the cool parent this summer, then this post is for you. I totally scored cool parent points last weekend when I introduced our boys to the Fat Attack beach tours. Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism invited a bunch of us to check out this totally rad new offering to the bays summer itinerary, thanks to Red Cherry Adventures. And guys, it’s totally legit.

So the fat bike is basically like a normal bike, except that it has larger tyres and is ideal to use on trails or to ride in the beach sand. Yep, that’s right! Ride in the BEACH SAND! Romantic ride on the beach, anyone?! Thought so!

Kyle enjoyed the bikes more than I did, well mainly because I’m such a nerd and I don’t do well without a roof over my head. I did, however, appreciate that they were able to give me a “smaller” bike, compared to Christophers. It made me feel as if I’m not going to fall on my face anytime soon. Okay, even though I almost did. But that’s not the point here.

My blogger friends (see below (left) Odette, Venean, Lorelle and Laurina) totally kicked some fat bike butt though!

I love my hometown, yo. Nelson Mandela Bay is gearing up for an action-packed summer for visitors and locals who will be in search of activities and entertainment this holiday season.

We all know that we have some of the best beaches this side of the coast. The retro fat bike is a cool way to get to those “hard to reach” remote locations and the Red Cherry Adventures trail packages offer fun and excitement for 2 to 3 hours.

Some of the popular offerings include a 15km Lightouhsoe trail to Cape Recife and a 12km Sacramento trail. All activity begins and ends at the popular Something Good Roadhouse, making it the ideal place to plan a refueling session, before you go on to explore more of the bay. Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism also offers the public really legit pass cards, which will give you free and discounted entry into a variety of attractions and activities.

for more information, you can visit Nelson Mandela Bay Tourisms website. To book your first Fat Attack beach ride in Nelson Mandela Bay contact Red Cherry Adventures via email or visit the website.

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