trends that are blowing my mind
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2017 trends that are blowing my mind

I don’t know if you’re aware, but it’s the 1st of December today. Yep girl, take it in. December is upon us. And as summer goes, there are a bunch of new trends that all the cool kids are running with. Well, in general, 2017 has given us a whole bunch of trends that have totally blown my mind. Some of them are legit. Others have left me more confused than I usually am. And the rest, well, I’m just over here trying to figure out how I feel about them without ugly crying. You guys know what they are:

Off the shoulder tops
As much as I love the off-the-shoulder top, I also don’t. Mainly because the thought of exposing my shoulders to the free world makes me want to shudder. These are totally in this summer though… which you probably already knew, judging by the amount of collar bones and shoulder blades I’ve seen in Spar just this past week

Fidget spinners
Are these still a thing? And if so, why? But then again, what do I know. I’m the “give them books and love!” aunty of the family. I do believe that fidget spinners have been a big help to mama’s with kids who are battling with ADHD, so despite the weird contraptions strange name, it actually serves to accomplish a greater purpose. More power to it.

Fluffy sliders
No, these are not slippers, yo! So the faux fur sliders (aka flat slip on sandals) is all the rage right now and my spreadsheet brain wants to understand why, but it just can’t. Look, they are cute, I’ll give it that. But I don’t get why they have to be furry (isn’t it summer… as in, hot… as in fur maybe isn’t such a good idea in the heat…) I say this with an unresolved heart, because who knows, I might just get a pair!

Broken jeans
Thank you 2017. You’ve shown me enough knees and thigh flesh to last me a good few years. And while we’re on this topic, apparently it’s okay to walk into a clothing store to purchase a pair of jeans that has rips and tears in them. Try explaining that one to my granny. Exactly. Guys, the trend is way cool, if you’re doing it right. But come on, you have to admit, it makes as much sense as an episode of Jersey Shore.

I don’t know how this got here, but I just want to say that if another person tries to “bitcoin shame” me on Facebook, I am going to use my imaginary fists and beat them in the imaginary face! Yes, yes, yes, Paul. I get it. Bitcoin is not imaginary… it’s real and it’s a thing and surely I don’t want to be rich because I’m not investing in it and all of that. Let’s move along now, shall we?

It’s no secret, my contour game is so not on fleek. In fact, it’s pretty much “off fleek”, if you want to be honest about it. I love make up but I’ve never owned enough or had enough know-how to make my cheek bones look as if they are sharp enough to slice through a loaf of bread. I guess the whole contouring trend is totally lost on me.

Ombre/Reverse ombre
My hair has been one color for most of my adult life and it causes me to thrive. I’m such a bad-ass. Hahaha. *cough* We both know that’s not the truth. Anyways, the reason why I don’t get “ombre” or “reverse ombre” is because it means that the top half of your hair is a different color to the bottom part of your hair, and where I’m from, it usually means your roots are showing, Wilna, and you need to reapply your hair dye.

So what do you guys think? Are there any summer or 2017 trends that you’re totally loving? Which of them are lost on you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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