Our newborn photo shoot with Cutepix Photography

Remember how much I bragged about Michelle over at Cutepix Photography? Well, the proof is in the pudding and this post right here is the pudding, ladies and gentleman. Well, MY pudding, to be exact… look at that face! I… Continue Reading

Hubstopher’s Game Show Birthday Party

As I had so mushingly shared the other day, my Hubstopher turned the ripe old age of 30 on the 4th of October. He’s not one for having a fuss made of him and I had to hear the “please babe,… Continue Reading

#ECMeetUp: No talk, just pics

I know what you’re thinking: “Luchae, where are the #ECMeetUp pics?!!!” Alright, I’m going to need everyone to calm down. The pics are here, as promised. They were taken by our beautiful Miriam Maulana of New Kid on the Block Photography and she… Continue Reading

#ECMeetUp: We came, we saw, we ate mini cupcakes

Our 2nd #ECMeetUp for 2016 (lovingly referred to as “the mini meet”) took place this past Saturday at The Athenaeum. We called it a mini meet because we weren’t up to pulling off another massive meet, with all the frills… Continue Reading

#ECMeetUp 2016 Photos

Hello. My name is Luchae and I am tired. Well, besides for the fact that my body still needs to rest after fighting that crazy throat infection; my babe is teething (it’s the back teeth and she is so not… Continue Reading

How to pose for pictures: 8 photo hacks!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s also the most photographed time of the year, if you know what I mean. The weather permits us to wear less and festivities encourages us to take more photos, and I’m… Continue Reading