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My top 5 parenting posts are full of drama

Apparently this space is called a parenting blog. I say “apparently” because when I started blogging I didn’t like, have a formula or a specific niche in mind. I just enjoy talking. And singing. I sometimes sing while I’m talking. But that’s not the point. I have a lot to say, man. And I loved that this blog space allowed me to say what I want, without anyone tell me to be quiet.

I’ve met a bunch of really fabulous mamas while on this blogging journey. Yep, I’m talking about you guys… the ones who message me with tips and tricks when I’m struggling to get my child to make a poo. Or the ones who send me words of encouragement when I act like a pansy about the fact that I’m getting a hair cut. Or the ones who DM me to ask for advice about situations that you’re going through… thank you for choosing me to be your safe space. You guys are amazing.

And hey, thank you for reading. I mean, without you, I’m pretty much just outchere talking to myself (not uncommon, but like, thanks for not letting me man).

Anyways, with this in mind I thought to list some of YOUR top 5 parenting posts, shared on this ol’ blog, over the years. I quite like these too, so you guys have excellent taste. Here they are:

overwhelmed by motherhoodNot worthy for Mother’s Day

I often chat about my introduction to parenthood. I mean, I was like, 19 when I gave birth and totally not ready for it. Which is why I so loved the Embrace Motherhood campaign. This campaign is targeted at new moms who, on Mother’s Day, may be feeling overwhelmed, ill-equipt and not worthy to be someone’s mom. That’s exactly how I felt on my first few Mother’s Days. Read more…

first birthday nautical cake smashBoy or Girl: Fun baby gender prediction tests

When I found out I was preggers with Jonah, I was more than a little shocked. He was a surprise baby – a blessing on top of a blessing – and we were okay with it being a boy or a girl. Before we got the gender result from the doctor’s blood test, we tried out a bunch of gender prediction tests to see which one would give us the more accurate result. Anyways, turns out Jojo was a… well, a Jojo. As we all know now. But it was so fun to try all of these out while we waited to find out what the gender would be. Read more…

Spending more time with my teenagerWhen you’re dating a single mom

This post was especially close to my heart. I was a single mom for a few years before I met my Hubstopher and let me tell ya, those were perilous times! It’s so hectic to juggle a love life with being ..errr.. kinda EVERYTHING your child needs, all at the same time! My wise friend once told me: “single mom does not mean single heart!” and that is so true! If you’re a single mom, navigating the treacherous waters of the dating sea, my prayers are with you sister! Read more…

10 Perks of having kids at a young age

I wrote this post a couple of years ago and people still seem to find it relevant (and by “relevant” I mean “awkward but amusing”). I’ll admit, having Kyle at the tender age of 19 was anything BUT amusing. But being able to watch him sail through his teens, while still being a teen myself (cough)… priceless! I highly recommend it. Check the post for terms and conditions though. Read more…

Ever had to deal with that baby mama drama

Look, the traditional family looks a lot different now a days, compare to like, nineteen-voetsek. Blended families are a thing. Being a “baby mama” is not something you only see in movies. And baby mama drama is not uncommon. You know I’m right. What’s my point? Well, what I want to say is that I know what baby mama drama looks like because I am that very same baby mama and I’ve caused drama before. There, I’ve said it. This post resonated with a lot of you. Heck, it STILL resonates with me sometimes. And that’s okay. Read more…

Which of these are your faves? Or which of my other parenting posts hit the nail on the head for you? And, most importantly, what would you like me to chat about next? I’m asking because I sometimes have no cooking-clue what to say and having a little guide would help. Hit me up in the comments section below.

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