Dressing the bump: Penelope & Bella

I love maternity clothes that are comfortable, beautiful AND able to fit after baby is born. Who has the time (and money) to buy outfits that you are only able to wear for a short season? (Okay put your hand… Continue Reading

Autumn/Winter 2017 jacket trends

As much as I love #dressingthebump and all the stunning maternity styles that I’ve been showcasing, I’m actually looking forward to my post-preggy days when I’ll be able to squeeze into my favorite outfits again. (Operative word being “squeeze”) I think… Continue Reading

Its time to chill…

It’s so chill out now. And because of this, and boredom and because we need new clothes, Chris and I checked out the very awesome and user friendly Mr Price website. Its so fetch. Anyways, so we kinda picked out clothes… Continue Reading

Metrosexual Shmetroshexual

Photo: cloutfit.com So I like a guy that smells good and looks clean. I mean, obviously that guy is my betrothed, Chrissy. But I’ve just been thinking about guys in general and how some seem to be so unperturbed by… Continue Reading

Snazzy and Sneakers Photoshoot

This weekends Snazzy and Sneakers Photoshoot was a whole lot of fun! The photographer is Charlene Rademeyer, who is a teacher at our church’s school, Willow Academy and a part time events photographer. I think she did a stunning job! Check them… Continue Reading

But oh! those Summer nights!

Summer’s around the corner and Mr Price seems to be speaking my fashion language! In honor of Tuesdays Are Shoesdays, I found really stunning pair of wedges on the Mr Price website. I know, right? Can I just stop with the… Continue Reading

My Style – The nude platform and blazer

So I frequent Pinterest alot lately, and I’ve seen some really awesome style boards, which got me thinking about my own personal style board. I know I’m not exactly a fashionista (anymore) and I’d rather opt for comfortable than fashionable, but… Continue Reading