Coffee pairing date at home with Mastertons
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Coffee pairing date at home with Mastertons {Win!}

When it comes to date night, we run out of ideas very quickly. Add to this the fact that we’re not particularly keen on leaving home right now (#socialdistancing), and you have a set up for a date that consists of us binge-watching Netflix until we fall asleep with our mouths open. So exciting. So passionate. Anyways, while scouring the interwebs for ways to spice up our indoor date nights, I found these really cute ways to do a coffee pairing date at home.

Now, this is right up our alley because we aren’t big drinkers, so a wine/whiskey pairing wouldn’t work. Also… uhh hello, coffee snob much?! (Yes, coffee snob very much, thanks). Also, did you know that the right foods will totally enhance your coffee drinking experience? Hubstopher would totes LOVE this! (With a capital LOVE as you can see.)

I thought my idea was especially genius and so I decided to come here to tell you guys how clever I am.
(Ta daaaa!) I also wanted to put together a list of foods that pair well with coffee, to help you plan your very own coffee pairing stay-at-home date night. You’re welcome, friend.

Coffee pairing date at home with MastertonsSome coffee and food pairings that I like a latte (hehe)

Fresh fruit

Pair your espresso-based coffee with fresh fruit to enjoy the richness of the drink. Sweet fruits such as peaches, plums or, better yet, berries, would make for a great pairing option! Tip: avoid sour fruits.


The creamy flavours of ricotta and mozzarella will help to enhance the flavor of a light-to-medium body coffee. Brie or blue cheese would pair well with a medium-to-full body coffee. A full body coffee would also be devine when paired with smoked mozzarella or gruyere.

So salty! 

Did you know that salty foods (think bacon, salty crackers etc) pair well with black coffee? Having your coffee this way actually helps to balance the acidity! So interesting. I mean, I’m practically a scientist.

Roasted meat 

Coffee may be the last thing on your mind while you’re devouring roast beef, but a great coffee with a fruity tone will pair well with lamb, chicken, beef or pork!


Dessert is the most important part of a meal (#amIright). Pairing a rich chocolate cake with a really good coffee is always a good idea. Chocolate and a full-bodied dark roast go hand in hand. I also read that a lighter desserts (ice cream or mouses etc) go well with lighter to medium roasts.

Spicy is nicey

For those of you who prefer spicey foods, you may want to go with a creamy iced coffee, to help take the edge off.

Coffee pairing date at home with MastertonsThe set up

Now that you’re all clued up with the type of food you’ll be pairing with your coffee, head on over to the Masterton’s website, to pick up the coffee, along with any accessories and equipment you may need to make your date top notch.

And while you’re there, check out the NEW Mastertons Freeze-Dried Instant Coffee too! Mastertons has almost a 100 years worth of experience when it comes to coffee roasting. So that’s, like, a very long time! Their coffees are specially developed to suit the South African palate (must be why I love it so much!).

The Mastertons Freeze-Dried Instant Coffee is a full-bodied coffee, brewing a rich and aromatic cup, with (get this) subtle hints of caramel. Yum! It is my favorite freeze-dried instant coffee at the moment and I especially love that the company is born and based in Port Elizabeth.

Coffee pairing date at home with MastertonsWIN a stunning “coffee and self care” hamper!

Okay, you know ya girl is here with the gorgeous prizes, right? I’ve put together a stunning Mastertons and KrulKop Society hamper that includes a beautiful KrulKop Society mug and one of my favorite Mastertons coffees. Both of these brands are #ProudlyPE and I am so excited to give one of you the opportunity to try it out. You want to need this. And I don’t blame you. To enter, simply check out these posts on my Instagram and Facebook and follow the prompts there.

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  • Rushaan Quanson

    Date night? Due to covid and just having my prem baby 2 weeks ago it’s been a roller coaster with my baby being in NICU… it’s been a while and we used to do date night twice a month. I’ve definitely been missing alone time with my hubby and last year we didnt want to take chances with covid and me being pregnant so its reaaaalllyyyyy been a while and also I need the mastertons I neeeeeeeeed it

    Ps I do want to need it

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