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Easy peasy KOO Cape Malay curry homemade pie (can feed a family of very many people)

Friends, I’m not the best cook in the world. In fact, I’m downright unimpressive when it comes to kitchen stuff. (I just referred to cooking as “kitchen stuff”… point and case). So, when I find a recipe that is quick, easy and tastes delicious, best know that I’m going to brag about it on this here blog and basically make it whenever you invite me over for a bring and share.

At our blogger event, the kind people over at KOO gave us a hamper filled with some of their yummy tinned veggies and I knew I had to do something with it (I mean, besides for give them to a family member with the hint of “here, cook for us.”)

I was kinda excited because I spotted some of the new KOO iconic curry sauce flavours in the press drop. Dude, you need to check this out! KOO – the country’s fave canned food brand – introduced a range of curried mixed veggies to the shelf, in Durban Curry and Cape Malay Curry sauces! And believe me (because it’s food, I don’t joke about food) these flavors are legit! I mean, I had to try them out in a dish!

I visited the KOO website for ideas and spotted an easy homemade pie recipe. I mean, it seemed simple enough. The recipe was for individual pies though, and as you know, my family (filled with very many people) are usually ravenous come supper time. So I decided to adapt the recipe a bit to make a large oven pie instead. I am absolutely, without a doubt, impressed with myself. Here’s my recipe:

Disclaimer: Now, friends, if you’re like me (a very undomesticated goddess who wonders why her husband hasn’t tried to trade her in for a Martha Stewart type) then this recipe is for you. It’s easy, doesn’t require any cooking skill at all (obviously) and is one of those quick meal ideas. If you’re looking for something a bit more fancier, look away, my friend. You will not find that here.

Easy peasy homemade pie (can feed a family of very many people)

1kg minced beef
Salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
1 egg (beaten)
2 medium onions, chopped
3 cans (410g) KOO MIXED VEGETABLES in CAPE MALAY Curry Sauce
2 rolls of Puff Pastry
You can add cheese (I like it cheesy)
Fresh herbs to garnish if you’re that person. (I’m not that person)

Pre-heat the oven at 180 degrees C.

In a large pot, brown your chopped onions (I usually add garlic and ginger, because that’s what my mother does) and eventually add in your mince. Season with some salt and pepper and cook until brown.
Add your KOO Cape Malay curried mixed veggies to the pot and allow to cook through. (You’re welcome to add salt and seasoning to taste, but I found that it needed very little to no extra salt… all the flavor is there already!) Allow your concoction to cool.

Roll out one package of Puff Pastry and press into your oven dish, making sure it overlaps the sides nicely. (Please note, I definitely used Spray And Cook in my oven dish before I pressed my pastry in. Maybe you should too.) Stick your pastry into the oven for a couple of minutes. You want it to be a golden brown.
When it’s ready, remove from oven and scoop your cooled Cape Malay stew into the baked pastry base, adding the second (raw) layer of pastry on top, like a lid.
Brush egg on to the top of your pastry. Stick it in the oven and give yourself a high five because you just made a whole pie without using Google.
Bake for 15 to 20 minutes (or until it’s nice and golden).

And that’s that. I wish I had more to share, or could tell you guys how I discovered an easy way to do something, but nope. It’s that plain and simple. I’ve never baked with a KOO product before and I must say, this experiment was pretty darn delish!

If you want to try out the original KOO Crusty Homemade Pie with Curried Mixed Vegetables recipe that this was adapted from you can find it here.

The KOO curried mixed vegetable range, retailing for approximately R17.99, is available from retailers and supermarkets across the country. For meal inspiration and delicious recipes visit –

Header image: KOO
Disclaimer: Also, KOO sent me this product to try out.


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