I blame my family for Christmas
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Christmas Crazy: I blame my family for Christmas

I blame my family for Christmas. Most of my childhood memories are centered around the festive season and you guys, this explains a lot about why I’m Christmas Crazy! I mean, growing up, Christmas was always been the BEST time of the year.

I grew up with a bunch of sweet Christmas traditions,that made it really hard to hate the season, if you know what I mean.When I was younger, Christmas usually meant new clothes (right down to the undies, yo), fresh hair, going to church in the morning and coming home to open presents and enjoy family time. In our neighborhood, the kids would go from house to house, to knock on doors and wish aunty-so-and-so a happy Christmas, with the hopes that you’d score a 50c from her. We were always loaded on Christmas day… with coins AND with food. In typical brown people style, the food was always overly excessive… 5 different types of meats, enough salads to start a Spur salad bar, and a fine selection of main courses that would rival even the best buffet restaurants. Oh and when you’re done with your seconds and thirds, there are atleast six desserts to choose from.

My grandmother would set up trestle tables in her living room – for the aunties and uncles of course. The kids would have their own table… and we didn’t mind at all. I mean, we were too busy comparing outfits and Christmas gifts and funny stories. Grandma’s Christmas tree was always the biggest and our eyes would go wide with amazement, as we spotted dozens of gifts under it. Ahh those were the times when aunties and uncles could afford to buy gifts for every single child in the family. These special gifts were placed under Grandma’s tree and, to be honest, they probably were the highlight of the day. Because, hello, you get your presents at home, and then you get even more presents at your grandmother’s house. Double score!

So yes, Christmas has always been the best time for me. I think it’s just because I love presents and food so much. Agree to disagree. Anyways, because of this, I really want to get into it this year. I’ve been so busy being pregnant and having small babies, over the past few Christmases, that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I usually do. But now that our smallies are old enough to enjoy the silly season, I feel like this is the year to go fully festive! And for the blog, yes, this means that I want to do a whole bunch of festive related posts.

Now, if you’ve been a regular follower of this here blog, then firstly, bless your darling heart! And secondly, you’ll know that when I jingle, I jingle all the way, baby! November is usually the start of my Christmas Crazy celebrations, where I give you guys the low down on all my favorite festive finds. So I’m talking about Christmas gift ideas, DIY’s, fun festive traditions AND, my favorite part of all, Christmas giveaways! (And the crowd goes “ho ho ho”)

So here’s where you come in friends. Is there something specific you’d like to read about, during this festive season? Maybe you’re looking for gift ideas for your mother in law, or perhaps you’d like a super easy Christmas cake recipe. (hmmm caaaake)… Or perhaps, like me, you just have no questions at all, you simply love this season and you want to read all about how much I love it too. Hey, that’s a blog post right there!

Fill me in, guys! Simply drop me a comment below and then keep your eyes peeled to this space as I begin to roll out the cool Christmas competitions and festive blog posts over the next few weeks!


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