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2019: Here’s what went down

It’s been a while. I mean, the last time I blogged was, like, last year. (har har har #momjoke).

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I spent the past few days wondering when the heck 2019 happened and if I can get a do over. It’s honestly one big blur and the parts I do remember makes me want to cringe. 2019 was messy, for the most part.

So, in true spreadsheet brain style, I thought to observe my pain and suffering in Sherlock Holmes style.

I mean, why hide when you can reminisce-side. (I couldn’t find an appropriate word that rhymes with “hide”).

Anyways, herewith please find my annual ‘here’s what happened last year’ montage. That’s right folks, it’s a blog montage! *insert spirit fingers*

Recap of 2019

I went into January 2019 being so thankful for my life because we had just survived a crazy car accident that, basically, wrote off our car. I didn’t want to talk about it, because emo, so instead I wrote a bunch of stuff about the new year like how to nail your goals and how to be healthier etc.

Very non-confrontational of me.

I added a bunch of other stuff in there (you know, to sufficiently distract me from my feelings) like that Fiver Party Trend and choosing the right school for your kid etc. I also threw in some deep moments, just for fun, and spoke smack about my Hubstopher (because, you know, marriage) and told you guys that I don’t want to be a nice person anymore. Subliminal blog post, anyone?

In Feb ish got real. For starters, I finally spoke about the accident. But I also ‘fessed up about how I think we are ready for another baby. I know, this coming from the woman who barely coped with the four that she currently had. (I evens mentioned the ‘not coping’ in another blog post). Yes, I was a walking conundrum.

Oh and I threw shade at people who aren’t lekker in life (because my feelings were just that much) and told you guys about the weird Momo trend on Youtube.

So March issa birthday month and everybody knows how serious birthdays are to my spreadsheet brain! Like, my birthday should be an official National Public Holiday, I swear!

Anyways, I got right in there with the birthday posts. I spoke about lies I often tell myself when I realise I’m one year older and I even wrote a letter to younger me. (Issa yearly introspection month too, clearly)

For balance I added a marriage-ey post into the fray and I showed you guys how totally adorbs my little girl is. She modeled a bunch of Winter looks, in her Lil Punk Boutique tutu skirt, and I couldn’t be more proud!

April means Easter and mallow eggs, right? (I mean, it’s a duh) So I did a mallow eggs comparison on the blog because I know how important this kind of thing is to us moms.

I also wrote a post about “step monsters” (because all stepparents are monsters, another duh… yes, I am rolling eyes at myself) and jotted down some of the perks of being married (hint: it involves not having to ask for directions).

Oh and I let you guys in on a secret: I was preggers with kid number 5! (I feel like this vindicates all the hormone-ridden blog posts, so bail a sista, would ya)

I spent a large part of May thinking about and talking about and, well, writing about baby stuff. I was buzzing with excitement, you guys!

For starters, I wrote a bit about how motherhood strips you. I also chatted about how my kids took the news that we’d soon be one man up, so to speak, and when we were planning on finding out baby’s gender (hint: the answer is never… well, atleast not while I was pregnant).

We were also prepping for our 2019 ECMeetUp!

June was filled with a bunch of posts about blogging and social media. I mean, besides for the usual ECMeetUp banter, I also told you guys how to stay classy on social media and gave you tips on how to start blogging.

Of course there was a pregnancy update, oh and I unleashed my negative body issues on your poor, unsuspecting brains. Sorry about that. Hormones and what not.

As far as months of the year goes, July 2019 was a really emotional one for me. If you thought the start of the year was emo, this one was super saiyan emo.

I mean, I laid it all on the table and made you guys look (ala Bird Box zombie). For those of you who stuck it out… shalom, friend. Thanks for staying even when I word vomited about my kid’s matric farewell drama and the fact that I was being a negative nelly about my pregnancy. Oh and I wrote a whole post about poop. You’re welcome.

I was also kinda informative, talking to you guys about matric farewell planning, newborn checklists and how to turn a breeched baby. All in all a pretty well rounded collection of posts… right?

Twas a month for baby related posts such as: Baby drop safes, Baby name choosings, Baby bag packings and, my fave, my birth story! That’s right… our Asher was finally born.

Pain. That’s all I have to say about September. But I managed to kick out a whole blog post about how to prepare for a C Sec birth AND I tackled the #menaretrash trend.

In October I told you guys about Jo’s trip to the operating theatre… the kid had swallowed a coin and it was stuck! He’s okay now, thankfully.

I spoke some more smack about my Hubstopher and ran a Faith over Fear series where a bunch of amazing writers and bloggers shared their faith stories with us! You guys need to read this! Click on these links to read stories by: Me, Timann, Sherayne, Nadine and Kim.

More Faith over Fear posts, this time by Megan and Tamsyn.

Also, you’d want to read my thoughts on having a big family, my Hubstopher who doesn’t buy me Christmas presents and why I combo-feed my baby.

The last month of the year is usually dedicated to my Christmas Crazy. I mean, I take it pretty seriously. This year was no different. I ran so many blog giveaways that I thought of adding “everybody’s getting onnne!” to my blog bio.

I was also so keen to introduce ya’ll to Girltivity, the kwaai Springbok Monopoly, Baby Born dolls (they really poop, you guys) and the gorgeousness that is my daughter, modelling some hot Barbie x MRP fashion. Oh and I baked (shocker).

So that’s my 2019… a hodge podge of feelings, being pregnant and product reviews. Atleast there’s a wide variety of content, right? If you’d like me to chat about anything specific on the blog next year, let me know!

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