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Faith over Fear

What a time to be alive. I mean, without even factoring in the fact that I’m female; simply being a human being is reason enough to fear for your life now a days. Well, that’s what the news and media tells me. You can’t escape the negative news, even if you tried. And even though I think it’s a good idea to stay abreast with what’s happening, most of the time I wish I could unread some of the articles and news reports I find strewn across my social media.

Why? Well, simply because I try to live a faith-based life. Reading the news kinda makes me NOT have faith and before I know it, I’m living in fear, unable to build relationship or see the good in people. Unable to bypass the rationalisation that all people who look a certain way or live in a certain area is out to “get me”.

It’s pretty pathetic.

And, guys, I’m not naive. I’m not saying that my feelings are misconstrued or irrational. Gender based violence is an epidemic in South Africa. It’s a sickness… a disease… but it’s crippled our women and children for far too long!


And this is the very reason why I refuse to allow the FEAR that is attached to news and social media reports to influence me. I’m so careful about the type of media I’m consuming. And, I always remind myself of the promises of God and that it overrides every negative report.

So, instead of fear, I choose to live a life of faith. I have faith that humanity is – to a large extent – not completely polluted with sickos, rapists and murderers. There ARE good people out there. I have faith that men will begin to step up… that protecting their friends, sisters, wives, children will become a priority. I have faith that our justice system will begin to favor the victim and not weaken the blow, when handing out sentences to criminals. I have faith that my children will live prosperous, happy lives… that as they walk with God, His plan for their lives will become clearer… that His hedge of protection will surround them as they live out His purpose.

It got me thinking about how often we lean on fear, as a crutch, when faced with some of life’s biggest challenges. It’s almost as if it’s a comfort – rather the enemy you know, and all of that – when in actual fact, it’s not our portion. Our portion is to live a life of completeness and wholeness… a life filled with love, peace and grace.

Fear is NOT my default and I won’t allow it to cripple me again. In fact, living a life of fear offends my very belief system.

Anyways, to build on this, I’ve invited a bunch of faith-inspiring bloggers to join the conversation. I will be posting a “Faith over Fear” guest post, every Thursday (it is mos thankful Thursday mos), to help build YOUR faith and to remind all of us that we have a lot more good on our side than we realise.


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