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What’s in your mouth

I’ve been so aware of negative words for the past few months, that I found myself gravitating away from sources who only spewed negative talk. It made me ask myself: “What’s in your mouth?” Actually, I think this is one of my favorite topics! I spoke about it a few times on this here blog, so no, you’re not living in the Matrix, it’s just me, repeating myself.

Fortunately for me, my Hubstopher feels the same. He says that when people complain or moan then it makes him “tired”. (So descriptive). He has developed a way of giving me ‘the look’ that says UH OH MOANER UP AHEAD and I then have to find a way past the moaner, or, if we’re stuck in the middle of a moan-sesh, we cleverly maneuver the convo so as not to get caught slap dab in the middle of what is better known as gossip. We avoid it. We’re allergic.

This made me so aware of stuff that people say… about each other, their work places, their churches, the people they are related to or hang out with, their leaders or bosses. Yoh but we are good at criticizing! And so very understanding when it comes to ourselves and our own situations. But others? Oh no sister, you don’t get off THAT easily!

It really made me check my own heart. I mean, I’m not perfect. I do this stuff too. After listening to yet another person moan about something I sat there and thought to myself: What good is this doing? What GOOD comes from your critiquing and moaning? What GOOD comes from your gossip disguised as good intentions? What GOOD comes from it if I sit and nitpick other people’s actions or decisions? And if I’m not doing it, is it not the same thing when I allow another person to do it while speaking to me?

Do you know the difference between being wise enough to say NOTHING and being bold enough to say SOMETHING?

Ah another week, another opportunity to grow.
Happy Monday!



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