NAILLINKUP SA – Let it sparkle

I’ve been going through a bit of a blogging slump in that I’m tired and lazy and I don’t feel like blogging about it. I think the fact that I am working right through December plays a big role in this current brain malfunction. Fortunately, I still have the drive to do my nails every few days, or else I’d be missing in action, Jackson!

This weeks Nail Link Up prompt is called “Let it sparkle.” (Remember, I chatted about the link up the other day). Can I just throw a quick shout out to whoever decided not to call this one “Let it snow”. I never get how South Africans buy decor and ornaments that suggest snow, when December is in the midst of the heat of Summer, for us. I’d much rather add sparkle, thank you.

So that’s what I did, with my lovely mint green Essence Colour and Go 190 Kiss me, Freddy (on all my nails except the ring finger). I know that the Color on the Go range is totally outdated, but that just shows how top notch these Essence polishes are. I mean, I got these a long time ago and they still go on like a charm and look amazing.

The bedazzlement you see on my middle finger are the gold foils I received in the LA Girl Gold Studs pack that I blogged about before. And as always, I chose my ring finger to be my accent nail, painting it with the Essence Nude Glam 01 Cotton Candy.

The little squiggly Christmas tree was painted in Essence Colour and Go in 157 My Fortune Cookie and it went on fairly easily, with my nail art brush. I topped it off with the Essence Gel Look 06 Space Queen. All in all, twas a joyful experience!

If you’d like in on the challenge, check out the prompts below:

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