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Gift ideas: What to put under the tree this Christmas {featuring Ruth Abercrombie}

I love Christmas! But I don’t love “uhmming” and “ahhhing” about what to get my family and friends for Christmas. So I’ve called in the experts! As a build up to the most wonderful time of the year, a few of my blogging buddies have agreed to share their ideas on amazing Christmas gifts for the whole family. Check out their picks and please, by all means, feel free to choose something special to put under MY Christmas tree too 😉 


I fell inlove with Ruth’s honest writing (over at Pursuing Purpose) when I stumbled across something she had written with regards to choosing faith over fear. She had decided to start blogging as a form of therapy in the brink of taking on her new role as divorcee and single mom to daughter, Jaz. It has been amazing to watch this lady grow and share… I’ve learnt so much from her already! Besides for being a deep well, she is also quite creative and I thought it would be interesting to see what she has up her Santa sleeves this Christmas!

Here are her favorite Christmas gift list picks:


For my loved ones
This year I’m getting my parents a family portrait, my dad has been asking for it for the longest of times and just gave up talking about it recently, and my mom speaks of filling the empty space on her wall so I figured this would be the perfect gift! Seeing that we have an ohk quality camera, I’ll just give my friend a few tips then booking a photographer won’t be necessary (I’m not stingy, just cost effective)


For the kids
Jaz is 6 years old, and it’s so easy these days to find age appropriate toys for your child. I always strive to buy educational toys, (two birds with one stone- play and learn at the same time) I recently came across the cutest gift for girls at CNA for under R90.00. It’s a box of beads with strings, paint and other decorative things. This crafty gift is sure to keep her busy and fun is guaranteed. Maybe she can sell a few of her jewellery pieces to our family members and make gifts for her cousins. I love doing crafts, and currently I’m going through a beer cap – fridge magnet craze, which all of my family member will be getting this year. Mass production, coz my family is HUGE!! I print Bible verses / motivational quotes or even use photos, buttons etc. to decorate it with.800-christmas-dog-cat-2013

For me
I would absolute love to unwrap Purple / Lime green Earphones or a Blender this Christmas. Seeing that I love smoothies and trying to live a healthier life style.

Special mentions
Sometimes we lose focus of what/who this season is really about. It’s nice to give & receive presents, but let’s remember the gift of LOVE in John 3:16. I wish everyone reading this a merry Christmas and I pray God’s hand of protection over you and your family during this festive season.

What are your favorite gift ideas, this Christmas? 

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