NAILLINKUP SA – Wrap all the presents

If you have kids and a husband and you’ve been getting into the Christmas swing of things AND managed to find the time to blog then I salute you. While giving you a side eye. How do you do it?!

My halls have been decked with bows of everything besides holly and I am so looking forward to a couple of days off soon. My boy is currently mid air as I type this – en route to Cape Town to spend Christmas with his dad and their family. My girl is taking a nap. And me? Im just chin-chilling on the couch, no shoes, messy hair coz I dont care (and all the other cool things teenagers say for “I’m doing nothing”).

Anyways, so herewith, please find my entry for the second Nail Link Up prompt, “All the presents”. Now, I know that my entry only reflects one present. But let’s just pretend that ‘all the presents’ are in that one present. Surrrrpriiiiiiiiiiiise!

For the challenge I used my newest Essence The Gel polish, the wonderful 48 My Love Diary, which is a beautiful shade of pink.As you may notice, I took way to long to actually snap pics of this mani, hence the tell tale signs of “wear and tear”. Sorry. Do you still love me?

Back to the mani: I did an accent nail using my oldie (but goodie), Woolies Passion Fashion purple, and then I used a dotting tool to make dots on top of that. (Mind you, I think I prefer using a tooth pick over a dotting tool) I then used a nail art brush to paint a bow (of sorts) on top of that. I could’ve been neater. But hey, let’s not be fussy, shall we.

And there you have it!

If you’d like to participate in the challenge, check out the prompts below and instructions from my previous post. It’s really cool!

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