So there’s a biter in my toddlers class

Curly’s teacher calls me aside yesterday afternoon and I’m thinking “uh oh, what did I do.” I know, right? It turns out there’s a biter in Curly’s class. The biter got into my kid TWICE, on the arm, 2 days in a row. Apparently my girl didn’t even cry. Her dad is convinced it’s because she is used to pinching herself, so the bite was like, a walk in the park for her. But jokes aside, he was not happy at all. Biter has been biting classmates since last year (yep, she’s not new at the school) and teacher is very unhappy that she has started doing it again.


Normally I would be freaking out by now and stuff. I mean, how dare this little monster try to take a bite out of my precious, perfect angel?!!!! But when I was at the school yesterday, I saw said monster. And she was all blue eyes and blonde curls and very pretty. I thought, wow this is someone else’s precious, perfect angel. And yep, she bites. And yep, that’s wrong. But you know what, my kid could end up being a biter (or a puncher. or a head butter… yes, she head butts) next month, and I would want other parents to show grace to her, instead of judgement.

Not looking too perplexed with the bite marks, after school, as she unpacks all my cupboards

So that is what I spoke of when I chatted to the teachers… I mean, of course, I am concerned and upset that my little girl has bite marks on her arm. Not cool. But I guess being in a “grace space” helped me to not throw a Mom Fit and rather show understanding towards the situation. Can you imagine having to be Biter’s parents right now? They are going to need a lot of wisdom and support as they work through this with their child. So that is my prayer for them, while this all plays out. But in the mean time, can you ask your kid to try to not eat mine please? Thanks.


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