10 perks of having kids at a young age

perks of having kids at a young ageAs I’ve shared before, I’m a teen pregnancy statistic. I gave birth to my boy when I was 19 years old and with it came the sudden progression from young girl to young mother. In fact, I still consider myself a “young mother” even though I’ve been at it for almost 15 years. While being a teen mom is not an ideal situation to be in, I can honestly say that I am now reaping the benefits of having kids early! (Disclaimer: Don’t try this at home! Or, at least, don’t try this without a spouse and financial and mental stability. At least.)

Our boys are finishing high school in a couple of years time… which means Hubstopher and I will be two down (and who knows how many more to go) Yay! That dream of retiring young and travelling is looking pretttty sweeet (and very realistic) right about now! But besides for that, there’s a bunch of other things that I think are totally awsome and great perks of having kids at a young age. Here they are:

perks of having kids at a young age

1. Older kids can help with the younger ones
It has been a total plus that my boy was 12 years old when his sister was born. He was progressing from boy to teen, so he was quite keen on me giving him “space” as he began to feel out the new season he was in (which means he was cool with me giving baby lots of attention). There has also been many fantastic opportunities to teach him responsibility by having him help out with Curly.


2. Free labour
Or as I’d like to call it “clever parenting”. When you’re a young parent of an older kid, you will reap a whole bunch of wonderful rewards (without feeling guilty about it), such has sleep-in Saturdays (provided you don’t reproduce again, like I did) because they are able to make their own Pronutro. Sleep-in Saturdays also means coffee in bed (and sometimes breakfast – age dependent) (For me, not them). It’s also helpful that they can wash the dishes without breaking anything and the fact that Kyle is an aspiring chef, always eager to showcase his variations of the infamous toasted cheese sandwich, is a bonus score. Oh and I don’t have to cut their sausages up into little pieces anymore. All while enjoying my 30s.

3. Tea
Moms of teenage kids hollar! Making me tea is like, a non-negotiable.Yep, I’ve become THAT aunty! Kyle knows how I like my tea… Seth is still learning that it needs to be “skinny color” and not red or white. I want pink tea. The right kind of pink. When it comes to making me tea, they know that I am the “Queeeeen, darrrrleeeng!” and they humor me too. So glad they appreciate the joys of having a mom who has only recently vacated puberty.

perks of having kids at a young age

4. I can wear his sneakers
We’ve recently reached a “hey, I can wear your sneakers and I can rock your sneakers!” realization in our lives, which means that Kyle and I have been in each others sneakers atleast once or twice. I see it as a perk of being a young mom. Him, not so much impressed. I’m even able to get into his hoodys if I want. Not that I will. I mean, hoodys do absolutely NOTHING for my hair! *flips hair and walks off*

5. Quality quality time
Gone are the days of watching Finding Nemo on repeat (aka he watches the movie, while I play Snake on my Nokia 3310). Ahhhh no… such is a time where my boy and I can watch a decent movie or a series (‘Once Upon A Time’ is our fav) together and actually have a long conversation about whether or not Emma and Snow are going to vanquish Rumpel in the next episode.  It’s very much like having an “almost adult” around that you can share stuff with, but at the same time, send to his room when it’s time for lights out. Or send to the kitchen for tea. It’s a win-win situation really. For me, I mean.

6. I can say “I know!” and he believes me
It’s only been a couple of years since I finished high school (give or take 10 years bwahaha), so those memories are still up there someone, floating around in my head, gloating at me while I’m trying to concentrate on work. But the perks of it is that I am able to share them with my boy, making me more relatable to him. Of corse, his friends cannot understand why Kyle’s mother looks like she could be his sister. Ah they flatter me, bless their hearts. A gold star for all of them!!!!!! Gold stars all ’round!!! *and scene*

perks of having kids at a young age

7. I can say “I know!” and I actually do know
Look, one of my favorite perks of having kids at a young age is that there is pretty much nothing that these boys can get past me. (encourage me as I go on believing this, please). I know the trends, the sayings, the culture and the latest fads. I know social media. I know cellphones. I know slang. I know girls. I know. #thatisall

8. He can kill spiders while I lock myself in the bathroom

9. I can rely on his opinion
When Kyle speaks, I actually listen. (Even though I sometimes tell him to go be quiet and make me tea.) At 14 years old, he is quite mature and very bold, so when I am ready to leave home and he says “No mom, you don’t want to wear that” then I take note. He has outed me on a bunch of others things, on occasion, with honest reasoning that has really made me think. It’s an amazing, annoying perk.

10. Grandchildren
Yeah, I said it! Grandchildren! The kid wants to get married young (he says he doesn’t have time to date around). So this means that I could very well be a grandmother in 10 years time. Let’s just allow that to sink right in. The perks are that I’ll be a young grandma, which means that my grandkids can make me tea too. Oh and I get to see them grow up and have kids of their own (who can also make me tea).

Ahh children. The gift that keeps on giving.


  • Delia Chetty

    Hahahaha !! Love it Luchae…. I hear you … I am feeeling it. I also seem to relate to Micaela’s friends easier and quicker…. and love the ability to read her mind… cause of course I am still going on 20 and know exactly how to plan something that I should’nt actually be planning!! I do however get a reminder from my husband that she is not my friend:( so I am still figuring out the correct balance. The only thing is…. I don’t really like tea!!! But yes definetly lotsa perks. Ps : I love your blogs….. you are a true gift… a breath of fresh reality checks that makes one realise that everyone else around you is not simply living “happily ever after” and are also dealing with “life” !! God bless !!

  • cat@jugglingact

    Oh I love this. I am on the other end of the scale – had my first at 36 and the twins just before 40. And although there are advantages to this I do sometimes feel my age a bit. Maybe I can do an answer post? 10 perks to having your kids over 35?

    • Luchae

      Oh yes please! As I typed this I was thinking, there are probably perks to having kids later on too… like, for example, enjoying your 20s and 30s without having to clean snotty noses lol 🙂

  • Sharna

    Okay, you clearly have a problem. You drink far too much tea. Hahahahaha 😉 I absolutely love this article. You’ve written it brilliantly and I relate to so much of it. I am also a young mommy, had my first son and 19 and second at 24. They’re now 7 and 3 years old. I look forward to all of this tea making and drinking in future.

    • Luchae

      You can also make them give you foot rubs and threaten to take away the Xbox if they dont. I dont do that, but I mean, if you wanted to you could. haha 🙂 Thank you!

  • Abby

    I totally loved reading this article Luchae. It’s like you’re right infront of me speaking to me and saying: “Abby I really love tea!”.
    You wrote this posts beautifully. looking forward to future ones <3 🙂

  • Nadine Murray

    Hey Luchae, I enjoyed your blog post even though I can’t relate to it personally 🙂 Had baby number 1 at 26. I got married really young though (at 22) so I bet you I can come up with 10 benefits of marrying young Lol. Thanks for inspiring others to see the positives in situations where it is so easy to point out the negatives. Keep blogging xxx Nadine

  • Bilqees

    Hey Luchae, I really enjoyed your post. And yes, our kids truly are blessings in our lives. How lucky we are to have earned the title of mommy. I must admit that I love it when they still call me mama. Think it reminds me of when they were small and helpless, and now they making their beds, setting the table and doing school projects. Time passes us by so quickly!

    • Luchae

      So true! I was telling my friend, before I know it my babies will be grown up and married. Have to enjoy every single moment:)

  • Simone Cameron

    Loved this. I actually sometimes say I’m jealous of somebody I know that will be 30 with a 14yr old, 12yr old, 6yr old and 5yr old. By 40 she’s got her own crew of besties! Meanwhile at 40 my last is starting pre-primary!

    I’m an in betweener….first at 27, 2nd at 31, 3rd at 34, but some days I do feel to old to be doing this.

    My 7yr old is very mature though and she regularly tends to her baby brothers, make breakfast for her and middle child. Washes dishes. Plays with baby, but I say, roll on 40 when she’s 13 and she’ll be making me coffee in bed. Right now the breakfast in bed consist of flat coke, dead flowers, a packet of niknaks and a bowl of corn flakes…bless them <3

    I love how you've got tea covered for the next 2 generations. lol.

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