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Mother’s Day is for Mothers


Mother’s Day is around the corner (Sunday, 8th May, to be exact) and while I am aware that I am a mother (and have been one for a very long time) I have yet to earn the perks that come with a Mother’s Day. The simple reason is that my mom and Hubstopher’s mom is still around (and very much kicking) and so the Mother’s Day celebration quota gets evenly distributed between the two of them, leaving nothing but a Sunday school handmade gift for me (sniff sniff sob sob). Not that I mind. Those Sunday school gifts are usually very charming. But this year, I’m like, you know what? I want some Mother’s Day celebrations too!

For starters, I wouldn’t mind waking up to breakfast in bed and perhaps a gift or 2. (Or 3. Hey, presents are my love language. So just love me, dammit! 🙂 ) Maybe some Woolworths flowers (they have an amazing Mother’s Day promo by the way) or even some perfume or makeup. I’m not fussy. As long as it has a bow on it. My buddy, my pal, over at Oh! Boy has been a-making these adorable hand made pillows, which I want so desperately. So that too. Oh and while you’re in the giving spirit, throw in a blog makeover by the wonderfully talented Cupcake&Fysh and some Essence nail art goodies. Thanks.

Mothers Day1


OhBoy Nails4

Let’s follow the gift giving with a long (guilt free) soak in a hot bath. I can’t remember when last I spent more than 10 minutes in the bath without feeling as if I need to hurry up because the gazillion other unimportant things that are waiting for me are just so super duper important. I’ve recently had a whiff of the new Enjoy bath and body range and let’s just say I wouldn’t mind basking in the ambiance of it’s florally scented bath suds. All Enjoy products are 20% off at Clicks until the 22nd May. Win-Win, I would say!


I’m also the hugest Sorbet fan. Their pamper goodies smell like something I want to eat. Right now actually. (Whaaat?) So after my long bath, how about a relaxing foot pedi or a luxurious Sorbet facial? Oh and you can throw in an Achy Breaky Hot Stone Full Body Massage, while you’re at it.
Mothers Day2

Once my morning of pampering is done, I’m off to the beach for some undisturbed snoozing in the sun. I don’t foresee driving myself around though, because I’m the queen dahhhleeeng. So Uber it is! We actually ‘Ubered’ (that should be a word, yo) while we were in Cape Town last week and it was such a pleasant experience! The car was in excellent condish and the driver was super friendly! The app works like a dream, jelly bean.


I would have to get beach ready first! Cute summer outfit. Check. Snacks. Check. Beach chair. Check. Umbrella. Check. Bronzed legs. Uhh. Right, so let’s lather on the Caribbean Tan then. Check and double check!


I don’t know about you, but my current beach days are filled with prepping snacks, double checking that towels and cozzies are packed in, applying and reapplying sunblock, making sure sand does not get into iPhone headphones and basically, sitting by the umbrella, while everyone else has fun in the water. So how about a relaxing (solitary) lie on the beach, with a good book? Christian Art Media has recently released a totally hilarious book, written just for moms, by Karen Ehmen and Ruth Schwenk, called Hoodwinked: Ten Myths Moms Believe and Why We Need To Knock It Off. The cover says it all. I’ve actually had this book for a while now and I keep meaning to read it, but you know, life and kids. Review coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

And after that wonderfully glorious day… I would then… probably wake up. Coz it’s all a fabulous dream! Let’s face it, my mother’s day will probably be filled with a whole lot of this:

PicMonkey Collageasdf

It was nice to dream for a bit though! Oh and while we’re talking about dreaming, only 9 more sleeps till the #ECMeetUp! AAACK! The venue is ready, all the tickets have been sold and the swagbags are filling up. A big thank you to all the fab brands (hint: look up) who have come on board to make this event hot and happening!

And Happy Mamas Day to all you amazing, kick ass, moms! 🙂

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