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A late recap of 2018 because I can

As the snotty title of this post implies, I’ve only now woken up and realized that I did not post my mandatory recap of the previous year yet. I blame this on the lazy holidays and my brains inability to function when I’m not wearing any make up. (Anyone else find it hard to focus when you’re not dressed for a work day?) Anyways, excuses aside, I’ve decided to do my 2018 recap, even though we’re one week deep into 2019 because I can and I want to and you can’t make me stop! (Childish tantrum, anyone?) Anyways, here’s a bit of a recap on the past year:

I had decided that my theme for 2018 would be “do the thing“. So eloquent, so powerful. Basically what this meant is that I would nail my goals, no matter what, no excuses allowed! A lekker holiday always makes you feel like you can conquer the world. I also chatted a bit about my faith and how I feel that people discriminate against me, because of it, sometimes. We also had all the Day Zero water saving tips making its rounds and I told you guys that my Hubstopher likes it when I give him the silent treatment. Pffft!

The month of love brought on feelings of “argh why did I eat so much chocolate last year” and I ended up writing an emo post about my body issues. But hey, to balance that out, I also wrote an inspiring post about loving yourself (it’s all about balance, yo) and I told you guys the truth behind Valentines Day. Oh and in Feb we had our very first Purge Party, you guys!

March 2018 was a difficult month for me, as I grieved the loss of a friend’s baby. It reminded me just how overwhelming Motherhood can be – overwhelming in the sense that you throw your whole entire heart and soul into loving this little person, before you even meet them, and you find your life completely changed by the very concept of them. I also told you guys that I want to adopt. Nothings changed – I still want another baby. Call me crazy. But not to my face.overwhelmed by motherhood

I don’t know what on earth I was going through in April but I wrote a bunch of rant-posts. I mean, I wrote about how my husband MUST be cheating on me and also how to deal with people who don’t like you and I told you guys all about how I plan to get revenge. So dramatic. I also addressed the issue of the newborn baby that was found in a drain.

May is Jojo’s birth month, so there was a lot of birthday party planning and I ended up going with a birthday play date instead. Best decision of my life! The birthday play date was so lekker! May was also the month of royal wedding you guys! We swooned over it for a wee bit (see what I did there?) and I confessed that I, too, married a prince. If you can recall, we spoke about making sure your kid is smartphone smart and I let you in on all our #ECMeetUp excitement and my hair drama.

June was all about my new hair (well, in my mind it was hahaha). I also made my own chocolate at the Cadbury Factory and I told you guys all about how to be a blogger. Oh, don’t worry, I did get all emo (as I do) and wrote a post about how crappy it is to celebrate Father’s Day when you’re a single mom struggling to get your dead beat baby daddy to step up. You’re welcome.

My kids a model. Seriously! Kari modeled for Lil Punk in July and we were blown away! My Jojo also got infront of the camera, for Cutepix Photographer, as a model for Michelle’s latest offering: Paint Smash Photo Sessions. How adorbs is this munchkin?! I also asked you guys to stop encouraging your man, when he calls his ex psycho. It’s rude. And also, I spoke about the many reasons why I probably shouldn’t have another baby. Hahahahhaha and look at me now, picking out imaginary baby names. Oh how the mighty has gotten broody.

Kids fashion in the Bay


August was all about the fashion and I showed you guys Kari’s photo shoots with KrulKop Society and The Little Closet. I also offered you a range of advice (because apparently I’m Oprah now) such as: How to ignore people who think you’re annoying, How to be as dramatic of a wife as possible, How to not fall for fake news, How to keep your kids safe from abduction and how to spot if someone is being abused.

In September I was very sick. I told you guys about it in two whole posts. Thank you for reading. I also eventually got around to sharing about human trafficking and what the experts are saying about whether you should share your kids pics online.

In October I introduced my #dateyourspouse concept to you guys and you loved it! I also asked you to please stop thinking that your Facebook is hacked – for the love of all that is good, staaap! Oh and I reminded you that your kids watch your every move.

In November, you guys rallied behind me, after I shared a post about some bullies who had made fun out of my limp. THANK YOU again, friends! Your support was amazing! We also got festive up on the blog and I shared a bunch of lekker things to do during the silly season, including: My top five Christmas party games, our Christmas Tree Night traditions and some fun end of year party themes.

December, oh oh, December! Since it was December and all (and all) I shared some cool tips for hosting a family game night. We had our final #ECMeetUp for the year and it was so lekker! We ended off the year with the 10 things I learnt in 2018.

And what did I learn in 2018? Well, I learnt that those who matter won’t mind (when you do you) and those who mind don’t matter! I learnt that the pie IS big enough for all of us and I also learnt that what you put into relationships is what you’ll get out! Looking forward to a year of abundance in 2019… it’s time for new things!

What are some of your highlights of 2018? What are you looking forward to for 2019?

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