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#ECMeetUp: Because the Eastern Cape is lekker!

If you guys follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed the mini rant I had the other day. I threw my metaphorical toys out of the cot about the fact that our wonderful Eastern Cape (and all it’s amazing people – myself included) are sometimes overlooked. I mean, clearly I love living here. Which is another reason why we are so proud of ECMeetUp. The event brings together bloggers and social media influencers based in and around the Eastern Cape and I get a mommy thrill (same as a normal people thrill, but with an extra dollop of emotion) when I spy EC bloggers building relationship with each other and growing their brand!

We are so proud to once again feature collabs with a bunch of Eastern Cape based businesses at this year’s ECMeetUp. These include a few newbies, that Eleanor will introduce to you guys on her blog today, as well as some “golden oldies” – the EC brands who have journeyed with us pretty much since Day 1. I’m talking about:

Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism
I am so proud to be affiliated with NMBT. The Bay’s PR team have been a great support since the very beginning… I mean, honestly you guys, I can’t think of another event of this type that is so well supported by a tourism department. Headed by Reuann Smith, NMBT gets on board every year with the main intention of helping bloggers to grow their brands and to get involved in the city’s various media and press events. We are so keen to hob knob with them at this year’s meet up.

The Herald
I’m not being biased (because they’ve employed me) or anything, but The Herald is possibly the more popular newspaper this side of South Africa. It is the oldest and most well-read print paper in the Eastern Cape and the HeraldLIVE online newspaper is certainly growing in stature, reaching more than a million readers per month. (Can you tell that I head up their online advertising?) The newspaper house always partners with the meet up as a media sponsor and support system and I love that they are so open minded with regards to working with bloggers and expanding their online reach.

Mastertons Coffee
You guys, one of my favorite things about ECMeetUp is our sweet partnership with Mastertons. For starters, Gillian, who heads up their PR, is a darling! We always enjoy working with her and definitely enjoyed her talk at last year’s meet up. And then, of course, there’s the coffee. Mastertons spoils each delegate at every single meet up and I’m sure we’re in for a treat this time around too.

Dockside Brewery
We’re excited to welcome Dockside Brewery to the fold again. I mean, if you’re a beer fundi, you’ll go gaga for this proudly PE third generation brew team’s artisan concoctions. At past meet ups, the brewery has introduced delegates to it’s extraordinary beers and we’re kinda excited to see what they’re bringing to the party at our next event.

Stylish Steppers
Michelle of Stylish Steppers is such a sweetheart and we’ve enjoyed having her on board at previous events. This Nelson Mandela Bay born and bred lady started her salon a few years ago and has since seen it grow to become more than just another hairdresser. In fact, she even creates her own hair products and is known as a “hair whisperer”. So excited to have her on board again this time around!

Geek World
Our geeky friends over at Geek World sent us legit unicorn horns and Shrek ears for one of our previous meet ups. I mean, how rad are they?! This online (and popup) store is proudly PE and features goodies that range between “quirk” and “geek”, with the BEST gift ideas and novelty items around!

Bubiroo’s all natural products were a huge hit at a previous meet up and guys, I’m literally using one of the little tubs of Healing Balm as I type this. (Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up, it’s amazing) The Bubiroo products are all natural, cruelty free and handmade with love by Dorae – a mom who knows and cares! You want to try this at home!

So, what do you think? Do you have your ECMeetUp ticket? All tickets have been provisionally booked, but you’re welcome to drop me an email, just in case a seat becomes available! Tickets must be paid by May 25th. We’re super duper excited to see you guys there!

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