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What my kids are playing with: Fisher Price

When it comes to keeping our smallest (and arguably, our cutest) child busy, we’re willing to pull out all the stops. I mean, the kid is inquisitive for days! He usually guns for TV remote controls or a cellphone when we’re not looking. Thankfully, Fisher Price has sent him two of their latest gadgets to try out (big brother Kyle says thank you for that… the remote is no longer being held hostage) and it was so cute to see baby Jo inspect each toy in true Sherlock Holmes style.
Fisher-Price baby’s first activity book
With big sister constantly pretend-reading her own story books, baby Jo was pretty pleased with himself when he got to turn the pages of his own book. The Fisher-Price baby’s first activity book features a variety of different colorful textured fabrics and elements, to stimulate his sensory, cognitive and motor skills. It has a squeaker, crinkly page, peek-a-boo, plastic rings, a rubber teether attached and Jo’s fave – a round mirror. This boy is too clever! He is also a biter. Seriously though, and he only bites me! And now, he also bites his activity book. Winning at life.

Fisher-Price Chime Bell Rattle
Another fave is this Fisher-Price chime bell rattle, that features colorful textured fabrics and elements to stimulate his senses. Well, for starters, it looks pretty cool! I mean, I would totally brag on the play ground if I had this baby. Also, I love the design and that the plastic rings encourages him to work on those motor skills. I’m totally sold on the fact that it can attach to his stroller or baby carrier. I’m tired of looking for toys on the floor of our car you guys. The fact that it’s a rattle impresses him so much, that he bashes it against objects, just to hear it make a noise. Yes, sometimes the object is me. Again, winning at life.

Jokes aside, when it comes to choosing toys for my little one, I always check for SAFETY first! And, let’s be honest guys, it’s worth it to spend that extra few rands for the guarantee that your kid will be safe. Play is the way children learn best. Hands-on play is what Fisher-Price is best known for. With your kid’s development in mind, they develop and design baby gear and toys that will help you give your child the best possible start.

You can check out the latest in toys and baby gear on the Fisher Price South Africa website.

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