Johnson's Baby Soft and Shiny

Manage those curls with Johnson’s Baby Soft and Shiny

If you frequent these here parts, you’ll know that my girl is the curliest girl in all the world! Yes, that’s me being poignant and poetic (and biased). Truthfully though, my curly girl’s hair has presented itself as a major challenge for this sleek-haired mom. I spent the longest time without a cooking-clue as to what I can and can’t use on her hair.

So when Johnsons Baby sent me their Soft and Shiny range, for tight curls and dry hair, I was keen to give it a go. I had tried the product when she was a bit younger (with a lot less hair to manage and a lot less attitude to deal with). So I was extremely curious to see what the new formulation would be like and if it would work on her growing bush of curls.

I mean, Johnson’s Baby is definitely a name you can trust (hello, more than 100 years of tried and tested, quality product!). The new Soft and Shiny formula promises to provide extra moisture for dry hair. It contains glycerin which is said to help with cleansing and moisturising your kiddies hair, without drying it out. And as you may know, the special Johnson’s Baby NO MORE TEARS® formula is gentle to the eyes, which is especially helpful.

I gave it a go on Kari’s otherwise very dry hair. The Johnson’s Baby Soft and Shiny Shampoo and Conditioner worked excellently as a hair cleanser, creating a nice amount of foam and leaving her hair smelling fresh and baby soft. Since her hair is really dry, I do have to use a hair oil or hair mask often, to get that extra dollop of moisture. My Jojo, however, has a mop of soft curls and I’m loving that his curls are more defined after using this shampoo. 

The Johnson’s Baby Soft and Shiny Easy Comb Spray makes navigating through Kari’s knots, that much easier! I actually use this on her hair, in the morning, while styling. The spray nozzle distributes product evenly and I love that there is no build up, even after using the product for a few days. It really does make her hair more manageable. This one is a winner!

You can check out what she had to say about it in the video below:

This blog post was done in collaboration with Johnson’s Baby.

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