My hair is breaking off

My hair is breaking off

My hair is breaking off, you guys! What the heck does this evens mean?! I honestly don’t even notice these things, because my hair goes up in a bun at home, and I pretty much finger brush it en route to work. I’m very low maintenance like that (because of my many, many children). But alarm bells went off when people kept asking me if I had gone for a hair cut (which I didn’t btw). I decided to do my own inspection and noticed that sections of my hair are definitely shorter than the rest. (If you’re following me on Instagram, I’m sure my hair rants in my Instastories must have had you rolling your eyes) Anyways, panic ensued and I almost went to the emergency room. Kidding! But I did I chat to a few experts and did my research on hair breakage. It’s a matter of “process of elimination” for me now. I need to figure out what is causing my mane to become brittle. Here’s what I found:

Lay off the heat
You guys, I’m a brown person. And like most brown people, I grew up heat styling my hair. I think the introduction to my best friend, the flat iron, may have taken my relationship with heat styling to the next level. Heat styling is obviously not natural and it does damage your hair and makes it weaker and more susceptible to breakage. I only flat iron my hair once a week but I don’t use a heat protector before doing so. I know, right? I could totally give myself a stern talking to right about now.

Overprocessed hair is not healthy hair. I mean, even your simple boxed hair dyes contain chemicals and solutions that strip your hair of its natural protection. And, for those who don’t know, guys I’m greyer than the most ashiest elbows in the world. I pretty much dye my hair, at home, every six weeks to avoid looking like a Golden Girl. The chemicals in boxed dyes are not brilliant for your hair. Apparently I am meant to apply a salon-grade treatment to my hair every now and then to make it feel loved and special. I obviously don’t do that (many kids, little time, remember?). Could this be my hairs passive aggressive way of telling me that it wants to be loved?

My hair is breaking off

You guys, I am so shocked to learn that sleeping on a cotton pillowcase could be damaging my hair! Say what?! Cotton creates friction between the fabric, and the hair. Satin or silk pillowcases are apparently way more gentle on the hair. Did you know that even towel drying is a bad thing? Tying your hair in a towel can lead to breakage and tangling. I read that you need to swop your towel for an old, soft T-shirt instead, which is more absorbent and less abbrasive. Go figure. And duh, combing versus brushing your wet hair is way more smarter.

Thirsty hair
Yes, you read it, my hair is probably just thirsty. Dry hair is more prone to breakage. Make sure you’re using the correct shampoo and conditioner, friends! I mean, I generally grab whatever is on the shelf (and cheaper, let’s be honest Maggie) but in order to ensure that your hair receives ample moisture, you need to make sure the product you use contains ingredients that help to hydrate your locks. Also, did you know that the more you wash your hair, the more you’re stripping it of natural oils?! So yes… that.

All in all, my hair is breaking off. Excuse me while I freak out.

I’m considering going for a super dramatic hair chop. I need to get rid of the damaged hair. And getting it all to one length again, would also be a great idea. The lopsided look is not working for me. I must admit, I am freaking out. Oh wait, I told you that already. The thing is,  I’ve always had long hair, but I guess with long hair, comes great responsibility (I’m sure I heard that on Spiderman). If you’ve had experience with hair breakage, and have some advice to share, please drop it in the comments section. You guys, I don’t want to chop all my hair off! Help!


  • Nadine Thomas

    Experienced severe breakage last year and the year before that. Severe as in boys cut lol. it was just so depressing.That’s when I decided to break up with chemicals-sheen straighteners and dyes, etc. Even reduced heat to once/twice a month coz I need feel pretty with straight hair too. I do regular scalp massages with herbal oil to moisturize my hair or sometimes I leave it on overnight or 30min before I shampoo as I heard shampoo strips your hair Please see to it that you buy that heat defense and a deep conditioning treatment. Dove and Elvive works well for me. Or maybe your hair just craves a chop and new look.

  • Kirsty Robinson

    I experienced such terrible breakage and hair loss after my pregnancy last year . I’m just kinda rolling with the punches and hoping that it’ll eventually grow back to one length – once the broken bits reach the longer bits haha. I really don’t want to chop, short hair is such a lot of maintenance. I’m mostly a pontytail and bun girl, and when it gets dirty I wash and then become the queen of wet looks/ ponytails.
    Advice, have you tried the range of products that all the natural haired girls are raving about? Aunt Jackie’s, Shea Moisture, Cantu etc. I love Aunt Jackie’s, definitely leaves my hair feeling moisturized and silky. I usually use it on my wet look days. I haven’t tried the others though and am keen to try them. If Google the natural products, or curly products there’s loads of advice and how to mix your own spray oils that you can use to nourish and moisturize.

  • odettejhr

    How short are the broken points? Maybe disguise them with some layers, you won’t lose length, but you’d have to put more time in styling your hair. Alternatively how about cutting your hair until it’s a few centimetres below your collarbones? That way it’s still longish, short enough to straighten it out, but long enough to still tie up into a bun.

  • Shaveh

    Luchae I would also check into Postpartum hair loss. I had it with all of my babies and it’s just because you don’t shed hair when you’re pregnant and then once baby is four months old (approximately) then your body realizes there’s no baby and the hormone that was holding onto your hair suddenly let’s go and you shed. It’s been interesting for me every time I’ve been pregnant – 3 times

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