Best End of Year Party Themes
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Best End of Year Party Themes

If there’s one thing that I love more than Christmas itself, it has to be end of year parties. I love a good festive party! And I especially love that tis the season to wear costume (fa la la la laa?). Yes, I know, not everyone is up for a good ol’ costume party. But the joys of the festive season is that you can theme your end of year party however you want, Susan, and it’ll STILL be rad! Not convinced? Well, here are a bunch of seriously cool end of year party themes:

Formal Tops, Crazy Bottoms
If you’re looking to go crazy but, you know, not all the way crazy, how about a formal tops and crazy bottoms party. So what this means is that the dress code of the event is to wear something formal and classy as the top half of your outfit, and something totally wack as the bottom half. This is especially fun as a corporate end of year function… I mean, who wouldn’t love to see Martha from Accounting let out her wild side, in some crazy bottoms?

Silly Hats
Okay, maybe Martha is not keen about revealing her ankles. Fine. How about a silly hat party? Yes, Martha, you can wear your sweater set… provided you pair it with a fun hat! This party theme is perfect for our more conservative counterparts.
Ugly Sweaters
So in America they usually host Ugly Christmas Sweater parties where guests are encouraged to come donning their most hideous or funny Christmas jerseys. Fortunately for us we have the most glorious weather during the festive season. So how about an “ugly t-shirt” party? Wear your most ridiculous Christmas t-shirt or hey, get creative and make one! Special prizes for the most creative t-shirts.

White Christmas
Throw a glamorous winter wonderland inspired White Christmas party, where guests are asked to come wearing all white attire. You could go crazy with the snow-bedecked décor, magical lights and white draping. Add a touch of class with a Christmas jazz band or saxophonist.

Santa Party
Invite your guests to a Santa Party, where everyone is dressed up in his or her own rendition of Santa garb. Make sure to play all the Santa-related games (pin the gift on the Santa?) and sing along to your favorite Santa inspired songs!
Christmas Costume Party
Come dressed as festive as you dare to the Christmas Costume Party. Yep, this means, all greens and reds, tinsels and bows! Go Christmas crazy with this one! (Tip: Offering prizes for the best dressed or most elaborate outfit always encourages people to go the extra mile)

Christmas Mystery
Much like a “murder mystery party”, throw a Christmas Mystery party that is centered around a Christmas story line. Each guest will receive their characters name, proposed attire and some information about their role in the mystery. Upon arrival, guests are required to be in character for the whole night, as the Christmas Mystery story is unraveled. This will take a bit more effort on your side, as the narrator and director of the mystery. There are bunch of cool story lines available online.

Once Upon a Time
I love the idea of a storybook themed party, where guests are encouraged to come dressed as a character of their favorite storybook. The list of costume ideas, for this one, is endless! (Disney, Pixar etc)

So there you have it, some of my favorite end of year party themes! Let me know what you guys will be going with this year!

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