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Nubar’s Lekker Nail Lacquer

Nubar4This week I attempted a mani with a polish brand that I had never tried before: Nubar Nail Lacquer. Nubar is by no means a newbie polish. But my spreadsheet brain and I often opt for the brands that we know and are comfortable with. Not today. Check it out:


For the mani I used one of the brand’s green polish’s from their “Going Green” collection of yesteryear. I totes love this green, because besides for the amazing holographic effect it has on your nails, it is also a solid color BUT not too much to make you look like a nutjob. I mean, I wore it while donning my 9 to 5 corporate garb, and it didn’t make me look like an irresponsible teenager at all! If ever you needed to add a green polish to your collection, this one would be it.


The polish went on pretty well, and 2 coats was enough. After staring at the holo effect and oohing&aahing to no end, I thought to do a bit of a stampy on top of the jeweled green with a yellowy Lemon Sherbert from their pastels collection. The color, in the bottle, is a buttery yellow color… but when stamped over the Reclaim green, it kinda just comes out as a light yellow. Definitely does not do it justice.


The result: Meh. I think that the Reclaim holo green looks good enough on its own! What do you think? Definitely planning to try some more Nubar in the future.

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