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10 budget-friendly, kid-friendly, life-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas

If you have a lot of kids and limited budgets (like we do) celebrating Valentine’s Day becomes something you watch other people do. Not that we’re sitting over here, moping around about not being able to spend copious amounts of money on gifts, suppers and flowers. But I do love that there’s a day to celebrate LOVE and all the mushy that comes with it. Surely there are ways to make your special one feel, well, special, without serenading them from a helicopter? Well, there are! Here are 10 budget-friendly, kid-friendly, life-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas to remind your partner that they are loved on Feb 14th (and any other day too!)

Lunchbox love
If your person takes a lunchbox to work, you could surprise them by getting up super early and making their favorite lunch. (I’m not saying go gourmet chef on them, but put a little thought into it.) Top it off with a love note and pop it into their bag without them knowing what you’ve just done, you super sleuthy love muffin you! You’re sure to get heart eyed emoticons sent to your Whatsapp later!

hello-mr-handsome-cup-and-chocolates-comboLove in a cup
Hubstopher’s favorite Valentine’s gift from me is a really cute mug I found (on special, at some grocery store somewhere). It says “Good morning handsome”. I think he quite likes being called handsome. That, and it’s a really LARGE mug, which does well for his coffee-holicism. Why not get your special someone a novelty mug (there are really inexpensive ones at your local grocers) and fill it with choccies (Smarties or Whispers would make me go aaack!), wrap it up with some cellophane and Bob’s your uncle.

Romantic texts
Send them a mushy text/email every hour, on the hour, for the whole day! Run out of things to say? How about a ‘reasons why I love you’ theme. And wives, make those texts as steamy as you dare to. Yep, I know. Genius. You could take it one step further and send a photo slideshow or collage, complete with soppy music, to their inbox. Guaranteed to bring all the feels (and you didn’t have to spend a cent or get a babysitter).

Make a mixed tape
Compile a list of your favorite songs on a CD. Don’t forget to complete the gift with a hand made CD sleeve! (Make it extra special by writing down a special message underneath each song, on the CD sleeve.)

Mushy gift pack
Put together a sentimental gift pack complete with soppy little trinkets that sends the message: I love you! Clue: photo key-rings (remember those?). Or how about a nom-worthy gift pack filled with all their favorite snacks?

Message in a jar
Another cute idea is to write little love notes (as many as you’d like!) and pop them into a jar for your partner to enjoy whenever they need to be reminded of how loved they are.

Hand made cards
Dig out your children’s art supplies and get creative on a special hand made Valentine’s Day card, for your loved one. Channel your inner primary school kid to cut out hearts, draw colorful borders and (this is a must) pen a romantic poem written just for your love! (Bonus points if you add their name to the poem. Double bonus points if it rhymes.)

Coupon book
You could be extra cute and make a little coupon book filled with tasks and rewards that your loved one can claim whenever they want! Try to get a good mix of mushy AND practical. (i.e. I would love a ‘back rub coupon’ but I would also love a ‘night off coupon’ to just veg on the couch)

VDay 3Next level ‘heart attack’
Remember the ‘relationship month’ heart attack idea I gave you, to spoil your family? You could take it to the next level by hiding love-note bedecked hearts all over the house and car, for your loved one to find.

Just tell ’em!
Oh and this one’s for free: Simply TELL them that “hey, I think you’re cute and I really love and appreciate you, babe!” Nothing tops sincerity and an open heart. And you can do that any day of the year. Cool, right?

And there you have it folks! Please, let me know what you ended up doing for your special one, on Valentine’s Day.


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