DVD's are great Christmas gifts
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Gifting with intention: Why DVD’s are great Christmas gifts!

I love giving gifts that have meaning. Intentional gift giving (and receiving) is my thing. I get it though. Sometimes a “grab and go” gift makes more sense than a “this made me think of you gift” because: LIFE. But that’s why I love gifting books and DVDs. You can literally check their ratings and synopsis on the internet, make your decision, and then pop into a store (or online, yo) to quickly pick it up. Christian Art Media has an amazing selection of books and DVD’s, this Christmas, that will help you to gift with intention! Plus, have you been following my Christmas music giveaway? It closes tomorrow, and I’ll be adding something from this DVD collection to the prize! Whoop whoop!


You guys, I LOVE the latest Christian Art Media release – CBN’s Superbook. It’s an animation series, telling the story of real Bible heroes whose success came from trusting God and following His direction. Your kids will learn valuable, lifelong lessons of faith and victory! Seth reviewed these for me, and he was so impressed with the quality of the graphics (he’s 11) and found the storyline to be compelling. In fact, we learnt a bunch of things that we didn’t know, about some of these Bible stories. CBN’s Superbook team is made up of Emmy-winning artists and storytellers, whose credits include Mulan, The Lion King, and Beauty and the Beast. Together they are collaborating to completely reimagine the classic Superbook series using the latest 3D CGI technology. The new Superbook honors the life-changing legacy of the classic series and introduces the stories of the Bible to a new generation. I LOVE THIS! This is such a great Christmas gift! Check out more on the Superbook website.

Andy Stanley

Who needs Christmas
I’ve recently been glued to Andy Stanley’s thought provoking teaching, Who Needs God. Andy is the founder and senior pastor of North Point Ministries and I love his way of dissecting the word of God. He brings you facts, arguments and an almost unbiased look at what the word of God says versus what the world says. The teachings are available on DVD (the first segment is called Athiest 2.0 and is especially interesting). Stanley also has a teaching called Who Needs Christmas. I mean, I get it, the details of Christmas can seem a bit sketchy. On the DVD, Stanley goes into the story and talks about WHY we have a “Christmas” and WHY a “Christmas” was needed. Argh, this is so good, I can’t even form the correct words to express it. If you’re looking for a gift that is deeper than your average box of chocolates, then this is it!

Something for everyone
With a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction, story-based or teaching-filled DVD’s available, there is literally something for everyone! How about grabbing that Christmas-themed movie dvd, as the perfect festive stocking filler? If you like to be a little bit “extra” (like me), use a marker to write your special message on the DVD cover. Ta da! The perfect keepsake.

Pick these DVD’s up at CUM Books or shop online, to check out their wide variety of Christmas inspired gift ideas.

DVD's are great Christmas giftsRemember that I’m giving away a collection of Christmas themed CDs? Well, I’ll be adding something from this post to that set, as well. Yeah, you might not have to hit the shops for Christmas gifts this year, folks! The giveaway closes in 12 hours you guys, so complete the rafflecopter below, asap! Winner will be anounced on my Facebook page tomorrow.

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