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My top 6 marriage posts will probably make you cringe

Look, I’m just going to be honest about this: marriage is no nap on a hammock, if you know what I mean. There’s no down time… no vacation… you don’t get to take a break from each other. It’s a little bit annoying, very much comforting, and a lot of trying to remind yourself that you actually are a whole other person, all by yourself, when your husband is not around.

Well, I’ve shared ALOT about my marriage on this blog. And if you had to go by my blog post titles you’d think that my Hubstopher and I really hate each other. This could not be further from the truth. I mean… sure, there have been challenges. But we’ve also experience a lot of wins. And I guess that’s what makes it worth it… because we go through the challenges together and we experience the wins together.

Anyways, in light of oversharing, I thought to list the top 6 marriage posts that I’ve shared on this blog. I mean, I talk alot. We all know that. But Google Analytics says that these are some of the marriage-related things that you guys enjoyed hearing me talk about.

Who really wins when you give him the silent treatment

You guys seemed to really relate with this post… I mean, come on, we’re all experts at giving our hubbies the cold shoulder. How else will the man learn?! But, as I’ve discovered (and I’ll quote from the post): “Silent treatment is pretty much a bundle of poop in the bath water of your marriage.”

Now, coming from a mama who has literally had to scoop pieces of poop out of Jonah’s bath water the other day, let me tell you, poop in bath water is not your friend! It’s messy. It floats everywhere. It gets stuck in between toes. Remember that, the next time you give him the silent-violent treatment. Read more…

“Being married sucks!” I told him

We’ve all been there, we’ve all had moments of intense frustration, within our marriage. You know what I’m talking about Barb… those intensely frustrating moments where you just don’t want to see each other’s faces because you’re that intensely frustrated.

I mean, that’s why this post was so popular. The truth is this: marriage does not suck. But as people, we have the capacity to, uhh, suck, when we aren’t considerate and aware of how we’re making each other feel. And when you’re not putting your spouse first, chances are they’ll think that YOU suck. We all want to feel loved and special and chosen and important. I try to remember that through the arguments and especially when I have my moments of “being married sucks!” Read more…

What do you do when husband says no to the dress

Ooh girl! The drama! When I wrote this post, a while ago, some women were not impressed that I allow my husband to tell me what I can and can’t wear. They totally misunderstood my intention behind the post.

I mean, I wasn’t saying that the guy beats me into submission and that I don’t wear certain things because I fear him. No ways. I honor him. I want to please him. And I want him to want to please me too. And so, if he feels that the dress is too short, then I won’t wear it. And that’s that. You can read more about my decision and make up your own mind about yours. Read more…

dont want to be married anymoreHubstopher’s near death experience

You guys know that I thrive in silly moments. My life is a sitcom, ya’ll. So I just HAD to share my husbands “near death experience” with you. It involved a dimly lit restaurant, freshly manicured nails and a very confused boyfriend who was as oblivious as only a man can be.

Needless to say, he is still very much alive, and we’ve moved on from this moment. But it has now become our party trick, when people share silly stories at braais. Read more…

Dear husband, you’re not doing a good job

This post really hit home with a lot of you, because we all have psycho tendencies.

Whatever, Patricia, you can look at me like that. You know you’ve had these moments too.

We honestly expect our intelligent husbands to JUST KNOW how we feel. Right? They must figure things out. I mean, duh, the information is right there infront of them anyways! But ladies, let me tell you something, they STILL need us to spell it out for them. Well that’s what I learnt. Read more…

He must be cheating on me

This one got so much attention, I had people calling me up to ask me who my husband is cheating on me with. Firstly, do you guys not actually click on the link to read the WHOLE post?

Secondly, I often write something that is not necessarily related to me, but it is applicable to someone I know who is going through something. OR I’ve been there and my heart is heavy enough with the burden, that I want to share.

Lastly, it’s a flippen good topic and I’m glad so many of you contacted me via inbox and comments. We sometimes get shy and timid about our fierceness because we are told that we need to look a certain way and do certain things in order to be perceived as beautiful or accomplished. What rubbish! This post dispels all of that and writing it has definitely brought me some form of release. Read more…

So there you have it… some of my top marriage related posts. I love sharing my heart with you guys. It brings me freedom to get to work through my own short falls, by putting it out there on the blog. I mean, this is a great way to be held accountable, yo! So I hope that this has blessed you as much as it has me!

Which of these posts are your favorite?

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