10 random perks of being married

Hi, I’m Luchae and I love being married. Yes, this may be a well known fact but I sensed the need to lead the conversation with it because I feel like I complain about my beautiful, wonderful, amazing Hubstopher a bit too much on this here blog. Granted, his heightened sense of humor let’s me get away with saying just about anything (except Liverpool… we don’t diss Liverpool). But still. I felt it my obligation and duty to let you all know that I do, in fact, love my husband and that we are, in fact, happily married (soccer nights included).

I mean, marriage is a trip, you guys. The elation of finding your “one” mixed with the deflation of having to deal with someone else’s irks and quirks till death you do part is kind of bittersweet in the best way. But if I could choose between not being married to him and having to pick up his socks (you know, from the staircase, under the bed and hidden away behind my couch cushions) for eternity, I would probably choose this man and his stinky socks till death us do part.

Granted, there are the occasional disagreements (and irks and quirks) to deal with but the perks are actually quite perky. I mean, the perks totally make up for it. I don’t know what your marriage perks are… but mine are quite random. Sure, it includes all the mandatory “loves me, loves his kids, doesn’t shoot stray cats with his pellet gun” stuff. But there are a bunch of other random reasons why I love being married to the guy. Things like:

1. I don’t have to ask for directions
I mean, my husband knows what’s up (cough) and probably never has to ask for directions too. Right? Husband’s always know which way to go. But mine is a techno fundi and probably has a gazillion GPS apps on hand, just in case the rare occasion arises where he needs to ask for directions.

2. I don’t change light bulbs
Look, I’m no damsel in distress, but I totally enjoy the fact that Hubstopher can do those arb home repairs like, you know, changing the light bulb or fixing the wonky door handle. In fact, I’ve totally sat in darkness waiting for him to come home to change said light bulb. The fact that I can do it myself is not the point here, okay?

3. He knows whats up with the car
I don’t do car things. I mean, sure, women are capable of knowing car things. It’s good to know car things. But my extensive knowledge of car things does not give me the power to overthrow my husband as the “Car Things Gatekeeper.” I mean, he checks the oil and changes the tyre and, just being real, he even drives us places most of the time even though I have a very real driver’s license.

4. Spiders
‘Nuff said.

5. He can be a donkey
Guys, my Hubstopher is the parent who would go down on his hands and knees, pretending to be a donkey for my kids. He gives the best piggy back rides and plays wrestling with the big boys and is the only one who would allow them to use him as a trampoline. And I say thank you for that.

6. He knows kung fu
Okay, he doesn’t really know kung fu, but best believe when I hear a weird sound in the living room at 3 in the morning, I won’t be the one doing the investigating. Husbands do the “weird sound” investigating. It’s just like, the rule of life!

7. I don’t have to do physical labor
Again, this does not speak to my lack of ability but rather to my Hubstopher’s abundance thereof. Need a heavy box lifted? Can’t open that pickle jar? Does the dirt need to be taken out? Do not fret or fear, Hubstopher is near!

8. He holds my hand in public places
I don’t know, there is just a tangible safety of sorts, when you’re ambling through a crowded area and you’re able to walk a few steps behind your person while holding his hand. I have nothing more to say on the matter because I feel like you guys know what I’m talking about, right?

9. He talks to people
I mean, sure I can also talk to people, but when it comes to the mechanic and the petrol attendant and the person who fumigated the house and the DSTV installer, chances are Hubstopher would be the one who would do all the talking.

10. He loves me
For some weird, overly bizarre reason, this guy finds me the most attractive when I’m donning my oldest comfy clothes, with my hair in some sort of a messy bun (if “messy” was “chaotic”). He loves me in my natural state… you know, the person that is Luchae when noone is looking. And that right there is the biggest perk of being married to him.

Can you relate with any of these? What are some of your weirdest and most favorite perks of being married to your husband?

Disclaimer: This post was not meant to be sexist, painting women as the weaker sex. Women can do all things and girl power and rah rah rah, but I sure do love that I have a Hubstopher around to do some of the heavy lifting for me! 


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