Jislaaik! Want a Jislaain SOS Tee?

If you follow me on Instagram then you would know that I recently hosted a hamper giveaway on my grid, comprising of a host of proudly SA and environmentally lekker goodies, compliments of Jislaaik and a bunch of other fabulous brands. (If you’re not following me on Instagram, seriously, you’re missing out on candid shots of my feet and video clips of my kids telling me that they prefer their dad over me. Seriously awkward and entertaining stuff.)

Anyways, I got involved with the initiative after learning more about Jislaaik and the flippen fantastic concept around the online store. I mean, for starters, who doesn’t love the name JISLAAIK? Because jislaaikit, it’s so lekker to say! The word is 100% South African and is basically a way to express astonishment. And this is exactly what this brand strives to do. Jislaaik says that their pursuit is to “help local designers & artisans to broaden their horizons on the South African market.” Amazing.

More from the brand: “We are determined to find hidden gems and discover local heroes. WE LEAD WITH LOCAL. These are our heroes! These people create the most amazing things and work so hard to achieve their dreams! Our mission is to help local designers, craftsmen and woman become more and more known to South Africa.”

Jislaaik – Jislaain!

As if that isn’t enough, Jislaaik officially launches their Jislaain SOS (Save our Seas) Tees today! The name, Jislaain, is a play on words since the specially designed tshirts will feature one line drawings done by Olive & Arrow Creative.

Yep, that’s right. One Line. One Line is used for the whole illustration!

How rad, Brad?! Minimalistic, simple and absolutely gorgeous. These designs are the signature of the Jislaain range and can be seen on each and every item available. The shirts in this range are all ethically sourced and made locally.

The range focuses on saving our environment, aiming to raise awareness and getting people to think differently about their consumption and the impact they have on our planet. I mean, more than 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into the ocean and a whopping 30kg to 50kg of plastic is used by South Africans alone, per year!

The Jislaain range sells for R250 (introductory price) and a percentage of the sale will be donated to various charities who share the same view and passion and who are actively making a difference in our world. What’s more, YOU get to vote for your favorite charity, with the same passion, to receive the donation proceeds.

Place your preorder now!

Preorders are finally open and, if you’re one of the first to purchase your tee, you stand a chance to score yourself a free gift from one of the amazing sponsors: The Bamboo Project, The Refillery SA, Bundu Beard, Sili Straw and Bert 3000. You can choose between black, white and grey shirts in 3 different styles.

Book your preorders by emailing

For more information or to check out more on offer from this cool brand, check out the online store or give them a follow on Instagram!

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