Book review: Redeeming Love – Francine Rivers (GIVEAWAY!)

I'm a Francine Rivers fiend! I love her writing style and her story telling ability, but more than that, I love that her stories are Bible based. You're able to relate with the lesson in the plot, while totally being swept away by the picture she paints with words as you get to know the characters as if they are your own best friends. Meg from By Megan Kelly and I have collaborated with Cum Books to give the gift of Francine to 2 of you! Follow our Francine Rivers' book reviews, over the next month, and stand a chance to score a super cool Francine Rivers hamper!

The first time I picked up Redeeming Love, I honestly didn’t expect the story to unravel me the way it did. I mean, the cover was pretty enough, and the synopsis speaks about a prodigal son/runaway bride type of vibe, but I honestly didn’t think that the story would draw me closer to God or move me in any way.

And boy was I wrong.

Set in the 1850’s, amidst the Calfornia Gold Rush, unwilling prostitute, Angel, survives abuse, rape and human trafficking. She was sold into prostitution as a little girl and basically grows up knowing no other way. In her eyes, men are evil, she is unworthy of love and God probably doesn’t exist, or if He does, then He is a sick and hate-filled God.

In the meantime, farmer Michael Hosea, a man after God’s own heart, receives word from God to go and find his wife in the city. The wife turns out to be Angel, and Hosea is floored that God would expect him to marry a seemingly cold-hearted (but very beautiful) prostitute. BUT this Hosea is such an obedient man, you guys, and He knows that God would not give him instruction if there wasn’t a reason for it, so he begins to pursue Angel. After a lot of back and forth, Angel and Hosea end up married (much to her dismay) and living on Hosea’s farm out in the bundu’s.

Hosea is a patient man and is obedient to God’s call and is willing to wait it out, as Angel journey’s through feelings of depression, unworthiness, fear, anger and shame. She doesn’t understand why this man would want to marry her and she is so annoyed that he speaks about this God all the time.

Guys, no matter how good Hosea is to her, Angel keeps running away from him. Like, physically, leaving him to go back to the life of abuse and prostitution, because she feels that this is the type of life she deserves. She is stubborn, foolish and spiteful (uhm, I can relate) and even when she eventually falls in love with him and grows to love their life together, she still feels that she is not good enough for him.

God instructs Hosea to let her go, because at the end of the day God is the only one who is able to heal her brokenness, and she needs to come to that realization all on her own.

The story hit home for me because I too felt that worthlessness at one point in my life. The “why would anyone love me?” syndrome. It causes you to make the worst decisions (because surely nothing good can come from me) and it chips away at your ability to give and receive love.

I also completely admired Michael Hosea’s obedience to God. It made me feel like, wow, God is speaking to us, like that, every day… are we even listening?! Am I listening? Am I willing to be that obedient? When Angel kept running away from him, back to prostitution, Hosea put his pride aside and went after his wife, because God said so! Would you put your pride aside, if God told you to?

The way River’s unpacks the story, going into detail about the Gold Rush, the farm and the way life was lived back then, it totally helps you to step into the pages of the book – it’s as if you’re there! I couldn’t help but sob as I read about Angel’s experiences as a little girl and every physical attack thereafter. You want to climb into the book to console ‘little girl Angel’ when she loses loved ones and you want to shake the shoulders of ‘grown up Angel’ with each stubborn retort.

This book is probably one of the best reads of my life! (And that’s not me being dramatic) I’ve reread it a few times now and each time I find a new lesson to apply to my life. If you’re looking for one of those types of books that you just can’t put down – this is probably the one for you! There’s romance, there’s drama, there’s intrigue and there is a beautiful story about the unwavering, unfaltering love of God that overlooks even the dirtiest of sins you’ve committed and promises to love you just the same.

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