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Dress like a princess with Classy Baby Boutique {Win!}

Pretty dresses are my daughter’s jam. The girl believes that she is a princess (and I am the queen, duh), so she kinda insists on only wearing dresses, because this is what princesses wear.

Her princess-dress-wearing is not just for special occasions, mind you. In fact, her princess-dress-wearing is not limited to time or day or activity. We are a princess, so we wear a dress. Finish en kla.

And although it does cause my spreadsheet brain to short circuit because I obviously plan her outfits in advance, her attitude towards dressing up also reminds me to enjoy my beautiful things. I mean, who says that beautiful princess dresses are only to be worn on special occasions?!

So when I spotted the gorgeous princess dresses over on Classy Baby Boutique, I knew that I had to get my hands on one. I mean, even though they don’t fit me (and they wouldn’t because, uh, it’s a boutique for baby girls), I had a very specific little girl in mind who would totally rock a princess dress.

Yumna, fellow mom and owner of Classy Baby Boutique actually says that she started the boutique because she couldn’t always find those gorgeous princess dresses for her little girl.

And so her project soon turned into a fully fledged business where she sources the best dresses, for princesses, ensuring that quality and design is always on top of the list of boxes to tick.

Comfort also plays a big role in the type of garments she keeps in her store, because you know, princesses want to play all day too!

My niece, Ameera, tested the dress out (i.e. she played all day… dirty feet and all!) and agreed that it definitely was comfortable! I liked that the fabric is gorgeous but not too heavy.

Ameera says she liked that she looks like a super star. I concur.

After a couple of hours of playing in said dress, it still looked as good as new. (I mean, her mom had to wrestle her out of it, but that’s another blog post for another day). We made promises that she can wear it to her birthday party next week (our birthday’s are a day apart!). But seriously guys, I was impressed that the dress held up, considering the fact that Ameera plays hard.

Yumna’s range of gorgeous little girl dresses can be found on Instagram. Guys, they are simply stunning!

The order process is simple: place your order via DM or Whatsapp. An invoice will be sent to you. Once payment is processed, her very secure courier company will make sure the goods arrive at your door in no time. You will receive a tracking number to keep an eye on your parcel.

Win a gorgeous Classy Baby Boutique for your little one!

Classy Baby Boutique and My Spreadsheet Brain would like to give one little girl a gorgeous princess dress! To enter simply follow the prompt on this Instagram post!

The giveaway ends on 27 March at midday. Classy Baby Boutique is responsible for sending the prize to the winner.

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