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Im baaaack! Plus one!

Hello there!
By golly gosh, its been a long time since I’ve called myself a blogger!
I’m sure the 6 people who read this will be thrilled to have me back 🙂

So I finally have another laptop, praise God, and I am actually on maternity leave, so time is in abundance.
Yes, I have a baby ya’ll!
She is the most beautifulest lil babe in all the land! No I’m not biased, shes just that perfect!
Karis Leigh was born on the 31st of October 2014 and she is absolutely darling, looking like her daddy (with more hair of course).

I’m now in a situation where I cant fathom going back to work and leaving her at home for a whole day!
I think that pregnancy aches and giving birth aside, THIS part right here is the worst!
Whoever came up with these rules?! I don’t want to play anymore 🙁

Something must be said about this amazingly torturous feeling of loving another little person so much that you cant see yourself separated from them.
Mind you, Hubstopher and I went out for supper the other night and my mom looked after Kari and hey, it was glorious to be amidst other adults (wearing make up and perfume nogals!)
But to leave early in the morning and only see her when its nearing dark is something else altogether.
Yes, I know… moms have been doing it for centuries and they’ve survived. Sigh. I know.

Anyways, so apparently South African laws might change soon.
They’re talking about extending maternity leave to a nice 9 months!
When I first heard this I felt a bit cheated like, Uhhhm why couldn’t you bring about this law while I’M on maternity leave?! But on second thought I figured that I got it a bit easy because 9 months together and then a sudden split would surely cause even more anxiety for both me and baby.

So in a way my 4 months at home is kinda the best thing because she wont be thaaaat scarred when mommy and her milk supply makes a disappearing act for 8 hours a day.

For emphasis on how difficult it is going to be to leave my darling lil babe, please see pic below.


“Everybody come see how cute I am!”

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