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#ECMeetUp guest speakers, Colours of You SA

Colours of you #ECMeetUpOne of my favorite things about the #ECMeetUp (or any of our national meet ups for that matter) is that it creates a cool opportunity for bloggers to learn from industry experts. I mean, sure we have Google, but sometimes we need our Google to have a face. With that said, meet the 5 (very good looking) faces belonging to meet up guest speakers, Colours of You SA.

Instagram creative, COYSA, will be taking the stage to teach us how to get max benefit from the app. They will also share tips on how to take amazing pics for your blog and other photography related stuff. (Clue: there will be an exhibition of sorts! Eeek) Did I mention that they look like they could be a culturally diverse pop band? Because they totally do. See for yourself:

Gerard Addison

Gerard Addison
An Mthatha (EC) born creative who now lives in Nelson Mandela Bay where he completed his diploma in Graphic Design at NMMU. He is currently working at Boomtown where he flexes his design skills and brain muscle, chasing the creative possibilities for amazing brands. Gerard has a strong passion for visual communication, photography, art direction and the drive to create unique spaces/events filled with creativity and joy. He is also the mastermind behind the initiative/creative platform known as ‘Colours of You SA’ which celebrates and embraces our diversity by bringing people together through Art and Design.

Zinzi MayZinzi May
Zinzi’s love for art and design started in high school art class when she realised the impact art has in influencing people’s lives. With three years design experience after completion of her studies in Graphic Design, Zinzi’s focus lies in design and art direction and she’d love to drive brands to greater heights. In achieving this goal, she advises startups in her spare time on building impactful brands. An aspiring philanthropist, Zinzi also forms part of a local creative platform known as Colours of You, which celebrates diversity and promotes South African talent. “I’m fascinated by culture and style and I spend my free time following trends on social media and reading magazines like Ogojiii.”

Tayla FoongTayla Foong
A graphic designer, born and bred in Nelson Mandela Bay. She has a passion for people, art, youth culture and the digital space. Tayla co-founded Veld Fest, a non-profit music and arts festival which takes place annually with the aim of providing a platform for local artists. She is currently working on a new project, Food In PE, which is a blog showcasing the best in Eastern Cape eateries and foodie destinations.

Sherwin AndrewsSherwin Andrews
Originally from Johannesburg, Sherwin has over the past few years moved between Durban and Johannesburg and in 2003, he permanently relocated to the Friendly City. Growing up in Nelson Mandela Bay, has been completely different to what he was exposed to in the big cities of DBN and JHB. It was a massive adjustment and he often thought about what his life would’ve been like if he stayed in JHB. But then he started wondering if he ever would’ve found his passion in photography and videography like he did in NMB. Who knows, maybe he would’ve discovered his passion for composure and capturing moving pictures that evoke strong emotion at a later stage in his life. All he knows for sure is that he is grateful for where he is now, and the people he gets to share his experiences with, He now believes that he wouldn’t change any of it for the world.

Unathi DeyaniUnathi Dyani
Mdantsane-born, East London native, Unathi became interested in drawing at a young age while watching his cousins draw houses, livestock, and bakkies. He was about 9 when he started taking a strong interest in it. It was “Game Over” from then onwards. After moving to East London, he was told that with what he can do, he should try being a graphic designer. He had no clue what that meant, but it sounded cool, so that is what he aspired to be. He then graduated at NMMU in 2015, joining COYSA in that same year. Unathi is inspired by people’s faces. Although people get old the beauty of their facial expressions never gets old, and there’s never a stale way of depicting that particular beauty. And that is what he loves. It’s deep, so the surface of it should be enough until further notice.

So, you coming to the meet up?
If you’re a blogger, and you’ll be in Nelson Mandela Bay next Saturday, then you totally should. If you’re NOT a blogger but you are planning to start one then you should join us too! As I’ve said before our guest speakers are able to point you in the right direction. I mean, helllooo, one of them is super blogger, Anje Rautenbach of Going Somewhere Slowly (check out JustEllaBella tomorrow for more deets on her). You will definitely be receiving the right kind of advice!

Ticket sales close tomorrow, so please hollar at me if you’d like one.

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