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Ways to enjoy your summer garden

summer gardenDid you know that gardening is good for your health? Studies have shown that spending time in your garden can actually reduce stress and boost the immune system. South African summers are ideal for adding some colorful plants and flowers to your summer garden as well as enjoying the outdoors. Take a look at some of the activities you and your family can enjoy in the summer.

Fountain Fun

Why not invest in a large outdoor fountain to show off to all of your visitors? Visitors does not just mean friends, you may even attract some beautiful wildlife and birds to your fountain which can be exciting for you and your loved ones. Add some pretty colored fish to your fountain to give your children an excuse to go outside in the winter months or just instill a bird feeder on or near your fountain. There may be some summer rainfall so you should place a cover over it when not in use to keep it clean.

Pet Fun

When the sun is shining your pet pooch will love going outside. The heat may mean they do not enjoy longer walks as they may overheat so a few short spells in your back garden can help them get some fresh air and exercise. And they have their very own water fountain to drink from if they get thirsty. Buy a frisbee or toy to toss around to ensure they keep active and you can even use your large outdoor fountain as a shaded area for them when they get too hot.

Garden Activities

The South African heat does not have to hinder your children’s development or creativity nor does it have to stop you from having fun in the garden. Why not start a bible study class in your backyard? You can use a larger fountain as a seating area to create a relaxing environment to read out loud. Kids and adults can also enjoy story time or book club while in the natural outdoors. Add a bird feeder and watch the seasonal birds come to visit or start a garden club and pot a different sun loving plant or flower every week. Beautiful summer flowers and foliage includes snapdragons, silver dust or dahlias.

Summer Gardening

Getting the whole family involved in the upkeep of your garden is practical but it can also be fun too. Your fountain can act as the centrepiece to all of your beautiful summer plants and can water them for you when you’re not around. Research has shown that gardening can improve physical and mental health with reductions in anxiety and depression reported as well as improved health in children. Getting outside in the sunlight will also provide much-needed Vitamin D to strengthen the skin and bones.

This post was contributed by freelance writer, Cindy Trillo.

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